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Release v2.9.0

@hshin-g hshin-g released this Dec 18, 2018
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  • Added CAI data for:
    • Cloud Storage buckets.
    • Cloud Storage access controls from IAM policy.
    • Key Management Service assets.
    • Kubernetes Engine clusters.
  • Added support for:
    • BigQuery dataset IAM policy equivalents.
    • Disabling specific APIs for inventory creation.



  • Added External Project Access Scanner.
  • Added location support for:
    • BigQuery datasets
    • Cloud SQL instances
    • GCE instances
    • GKE clusters


  • Added UTF8 character set on MySQL connection parameter.
  • Ensured CSCC alpha mode is the default.
  • Added support for optionally restricting the CAI asset types exported.


  • Please refer to the upgrade instructions on our official website.

Thanks to our contributors!

All Changes

c205b6a Fix issue #2411. Don't leak temp file handle. (#2417)
dcedbd1 Increased pool_size to 50 when creating mysql engine. (#2358)
6c2fec8 Increment version to 2.8.0 (#2357)
e00d67b Delete Second Cron Job for External Project Access Scanner (#2354)
5326faf Fix dependency in forseti.service (#2281)
7a04b27 Update group_rules.yaml to have google related service account by default (#2349)
ec92128 Use Requirements Map to Build Scanners (#2345)
240ce01 Add support for Bigquery dataset IAM policy equivilents. (#2342)
041b59c Add charset=utf8 on MySQL connection parameter (#2346)
ae83e6a Handle the no data retrieved more consistently. (#2333)
93f51da Fix IAP scanner: handle when backend group url is not present. (#2321)
931a115 Fix blacklist scanner: make the scanner handle no retrieve-able data (#2323)
731ad6e Add support for getting Kubernetes Engine clusters from Cloud Asset data. (#2319)
cc85182 + Update reference to requireIamAclsOnly to use bucketPolicyOnly instead. (#2326)
9d4a61b Make scanner exit when no results are found by scanner. (#2307)
e1bcb70 Ensure CSCC alpha mode is the default. (#2318)
cd71454 Pull Cloud Storage buckets from Cloud Asset data. (#2311)
d80c7ff Add Key Management Service assets to inventory from Cloud Asset API (#2298)
c52a34b Update BufferedDbWriter to be aware of the size of data sent to SQL. (#2302)
075821e Add support for disabling specific APIs for inventory creation. (#2280)
ee38be1 Add location support for cloud sql instance, gce instance, bigquery datasets and gke clusters (#2203)
960ad96 Support for optionally restricting the CloudAsset asset types exported. (#2279)
5cfd27c Update Cloud Asset integration to skip resource with long names. (#2273)
18c56c4 Revert "Run External Project Access Scanner Separately" (#2261)