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<title>Hacknight &lt;3 - Creative Tech Weekend August 6-7 2011 </title>
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<h3><a href="">Forskningsavdelningen</a> presents</h3>
<img src=images/logo.png>
<h3 class="timestamp">6-7 August 2011, a creative tech weekend</h3>
<h3>Doors open <strong>Sat @ 14h00</strong>.<br>
Doors close <strong>Sun @ 16h00</strong>.</h3>
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<div id=intro class=menusection>
<p>The annual event is soon upon us!</p>
<p><a href="cfp.html">Call for participation</a> extended!</p>
<p><a href="">Lanyrd project page</a> where you can
"sign up" as a participant, showing off your participation.
<p>'Facebook' you say? There's even a <a href=>Facebook event</a> for your convenience.</p>
<div id=programme class=menusection>
<p><a href="cached_programme.php">click here</a> <blink>will change</blink></p>
<div id=workshops class=menusection>
<p>The workshops! Do stuff!</p>
<p><i>More workshops will be revealed for your benefit.</i></p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Make protective device covers</h4>
<p>Protect your gear in a self-made device cover. Materials, tools and instructions will be provided, bring your own device and we'll work together to cover it up.</p>
<p class=bio>Trained tailor BamCe and amateur textiles enthusiast <a href=>Olle</a> from Forskningsavdelningen will be your hosts.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Engine bonanza</h4>
<p>We will build engines. Stirling engines out of soda cans. Electrical engines out of broken hard drives. Perhaps even a steam engine. The engine is the limit.</p>
<p class=bio><a href=>phrst</a> [frr:st] and <a href=>Jonas</a> [jonas] from Forskningsavdelningen will be your hosts and have done this before.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Laminar flow</h4>
<p>We will build a special kind of water flow. Quite special. An unbroken shiny arm of water. We will try to build this during Hacknight.</p>
<p><a href=>STG</a> and <a href=>Jonas</a> from Forskningsavdelningen will be your hosts and have NEVER done this before.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Let's build P2P web apps!</h4>
<p>Following Mattias Wingstedt's <a href=#pres-p2p-web-app>presentation</a> we will figure out if it's really that easy to build apps running in a P2P infrastructure and also what remains for the vision to become reality.</p>
<p>The table will also remain available throughout. Contact person: qzio of Forskningsavdelningen.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>IPv6 is upon us!</h4>
<p>Learn to set up IPv6. omni from Forskningsavdelningen will be our slightly whimsical guide.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Scrapheap table</h4>
<p>Make art. At your disposal: Glue guns. <a href=>Soldering irons</a>. Screws. Nuts and bolts. The table will be full of dismantable junk goodies for you to repurpose. For inspiration, web search for any of the tool keywords and "cat".</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>VJ with Milkymist</h4>
<p>The inventor, Sebastien, will show you how to VJ using Milkymist. Don't miss his <a href=#pres-milkymist>talk</a>.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<p>An unattended/unsurveilled table with locks, files, lock picks and various materials. Explore and if you're lucky you could find someone who can help.</p>
<div id=speakers class=menusection>
<p>We are proud to present our fine speakers. <i>More speakers will be revealed for much success and profit.</i></p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Use GPRS with Arduino</h4>
<p><a href=>David Cuartielles</a>, Arduino platform co-founder, equipped with a new GPRS library and a couple of modems, will explain how to make your own Arduino creations communicate with the world (you will get a chance to try it out).</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<p>Jonathan Baldwin (<a href=>@jrbaldwinn</a>) will to tell us all about mesh network <strong>communities</strong>.</p>
<p class=bio><a href=>Jonathan Baldwin</a> is researching and developing social networking tools to aid in the construction and sustainability of ad hoc and hybrid wireless mesh communities, through recycled hardware &amp; DIY technology. Intrinsic social gaming and a peer to peer economy are introduced to create an environment of reciprocity, trust and interdependence, which are essential to the livelihood of the mesh network.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Linked Data!</h4>
<p>Researcher <a href=>Marie Gustafsson Friberger</a> wants to talk about <strong>Open Data</strong>,
and what can be done with it.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Wearable computing!</h4>
<p>Maker and researcher <a href=>Tony Olsson</a> will explain the state of the art of
<strong>wearable computing</strong>, so-called <em>softwear</em>. He co-authored a book about it,
<a href=>Open Softwear</a>.</p>
<!--div class=celebrate>
<h4>Flattr + DIY!</h4>
<p><a href="">Marie Axelsson [maloki]</a>, started out as an
evangelist now working for <a href="">Flattr</a>, tells us a bit more how it
can fit into the DIY world.
</div -->
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Seven ways to die!</h4>
Magnus Eriksson <a href="!/monki">@monki</a>
A human can die in seven ways: too hot,
too cold, thirst, hunger, illness, injury... no internet.
<p class=expandme>DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?</p>
<p class=expandable>
This talk introduces a way of mapping where the dependencies
for our current Internets are located and how we can move them
closer to ourselves to see what is necessary to build to achieve
more resilient and free networks. It uses the "Six Ways to Die"
way of modelling threats and resources in disaster situations
(made by <a href="!/leashless">@leashless</a>)
and applies it to running the Internet. Examples will come from
DIY efforts and research projects.)
<div id=pres-milkymist class=celebrate>
<h4>Milkymist VJ</h4>
<p>Sebastien Bourdeauducq</p>
The <a href=>Milkymist project</a> is an informal organization of people and
companies who develop, manufacture and sell a comprehensive open source
hardware and software solution for the live synthesis of interactive
visual effects for video performance artists. The project goes great
lengths to apply the open source principles at every level possible, and
is best known for the Milkymist system-on-chip (SoC) which is among the
first commercialized system-on-chip designs with free HDL source code.
<p class=expandme>DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?</p>
<p class=expandable>
As a result, several Milkymist technologies have been reused in
applications unrelated to video synthesis. For example, NASA's
Communication Navigation and Networking Reconfigurable Testbed (CoNNeCT)
experiment uses the memory controller that was originally developed for
the Milkymist system-on-chip and published under the GNU GPL.
<div class=celebrate>
<p>Etu will introduce us to <a href=>IAIO</a> (Internet Activism Infrastructure Organization).
The newly started organization wants to turn donations into stable infrastructure to internet activists.
<div id=pres-p2p-web-app class=celebrate>
<h4>P2P web apps</h4>
<p>The cloud is evergrowing in size and popularity. Mattias Wingstedt works on a P2P approach to create an alternative that could compete in simplicity for developers.</p>
<p class=expandme>DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?</p>
<p class=expandable>By using public key cryptography, an open access control system and peer-to-peer connections, the control and data is moved back to the users, where it belongs. Read more in the <a href=>white paper</a>.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Shared online inventory</h4>
<p>Michel Legnered will introduce Inventoria, a web site where you can lend sugar to you neighbour, or perhaps even a power drill. The project is Open Source and open for others to pitch in and assist.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<p>Copenhagen-based Ian J&oslash;rgensen (<a href=>@ianjorgensen</a>) will present a brand-new Node.js-based Open Source project.</p>
<p class=expandme>DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?</p>
<p class=expandable><a href=></a> is an attempt to change the way we publish and consume live data. Our take on pubsub is that the usual channel paradigm is too tightly coupled; instead of forcing things into string-based channels, lets you describe what you're looking for. It will change the way we build real-time applications. is written 100% in node.js, but is accessible to any platform. Coming coon, Arduino support and data property authentication.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4><i>[maybe]</i> Illutron</h4>
<p>Copenhagen-based <a href=>Illutron</a> member <a href=>Vanessa Carpenter</a> <i>could</i> present the works and history of their boat-art-space.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Crypto talk</h4>
<p>Malm&ouml;-based hackers <strong>Teddy and Bj&ouml;rn</strong> present their latest work in cryptography.
If you think you have seen this before,
think again! The talk has been revised and updated. Practices and programs you thought safe yesterday might have become unsafe.
Slides can be found <a href="">HERE</a>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Online video broadcasting during the Arabic Spring</h4>
<p>Malm&ouml;-based M&aring;ns Adler (<a href=>@Manster</a>) runs a video service. During this year's
upheaval in Egypt and elsewhere, people were using lots of digital ways to
publish themselves. We will get to know how that worked for the online video service.</p>
<div class=celebrate>
<h4><i>[maybe]</i> Copenhagen Suborbitals</h4>
<p>Copenhagen-based rocketry enthusiasts <a href=>Copenhagen Suborbitals</a>.
<i>could</i> present their history and practice.
<div id=practical class=menusection>
<h3>Practical notes</h3>
<p>To have a fun Hacknight, you need to do a little bit of work to have fun.</p>
<li>Pack snacks</li>
<li>Ask people about stuff</li>
<p>There will be some food and Club Mate sold at the event. You may want to bring snacks.</p>
<p>Parking is limited. Norra Gr&auml;ngesbergsgatan is closed off for traffic 21-05. You might find some parking close by if you're lucky.</p>
<p><a></a> can answer
any other specific questions you may have. Go for it!</p>
<div id=venue class=menusection>
<p>Kontrapunkt is a place of culture, of making, and of community.</p>
<p>We have the run of the place for the weekend, and there will be
room for breakout sessions, and flexibility last-minute moving around.</p>
<p>Location: Norra Gr&auml;ngesbergsgatan 26</p>
src=";source=s_q&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=Norra+Gr%C3%A4ngesbergsgatan+26,+Malm%C3%B6,+Sverige&amp;aq=0&amp;sll=37.0625,-95.677068&amp;sspn=40.86791,78.837891&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=Norra+Gr%C3%A4ngesbergsgatan+26,+214+50+Malm%C3%B6,+Sk%C3%A5ne+L%C3%A4n,+Sweden&amp;ll=55.583894,13.026236&amp;spn=0.007143,0.027423&amp;t=h&amp;z=14&amp;output=embed"></iframe><br /><small><a href=";source=embed&amp;hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=Norra+Gr%C3%A4ngesbergsgatan+26,+Malm%C3%B6,+Sverige&amp;aq=0&amp;sll=37.0625,-95.677068&amp;sspn=40.86791,78.837891&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=Norra+Gr%C3%A4ngesbergsgatan+26,+214+50+Malm%C3%B6,+Sk%C3%A5ne+L%C3%A4n,+Sweden&amp;ll=55.583894,13.026236&amp;spn=0.007143,0.027423&amp;t=h&amp;z=14"
style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</a></small>
<div id=press class=menusection>
<h3>Press information</h3>
<p>To get official accreditation, or a press kit, write to <a></a>.</p>
<div id=tickets class=menusection>
<p>You know what, this is <strong>FREE</strong>. You only need to get there.</p>
<p class="signature">
/ From Forskningsavdelningen with &lt;3
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