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<p class=expandme>DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?</p>
<p class=expandable><a href=></a> is an attempt to change the way we publish and consume live data. Our take on pubsub is that the usual channel paradigm is too tightly coupled; instead of forcing things into string-based channels, lets you describe what you're looking for. It will change the way we build real-time applications. is written 100% in node.js, but is accessible to any platform. Coming coon, Arduino support and data property authentication.</p>
+ <div class=celebrate>
+ <h4><i>[maybe]</i> Illutron</h4>
+ <p>Copenhagen-based <a href=>Illutron</a> member <a href=>Vanessa Carpenter</a> <i>could</i> present the works and history of their boat-art-space.</p>
+ </div>
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