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maloki had to cancel her session.

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@@ -115,13 +115,13 @@ <h3 class="timestamp">6-7 August 2011, a creative tech weekend</h3>
<strong>wearable computing</strong>, so-called <em>softwear</em>. He co-authored a book about it,
<a href=>Open Softwear</a>.</p>
- <div class=celebrate>
+ <!--div class=celebrate>
<h4>Flattr + DIY!</h4>
<p><a href="">Marie Axelsson [maloki]</a>, started out as an
evangelist now working for <a href="">Flattr</a>, tells us a bit more how it
can fit into the DIY world.
- </div>
+ </div -->
<div class=celebrate>
<h4>Seven ways to die!</h4>

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