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Coltrane - small framework for the small hacks

coltrane comes out of need for some kind of simple mvc structure for small rest-like php apps. Without much overhead or fancy features.

As default, a simple pdo wrapper is included everything in lib/ is required automatically, just drop what ever libs/ or modules you have there, or remove whatever you don't like.

directory structure

    public/                                 # document root of the project
        | - posts.php                   # blog posts controller
        | - other static files, css, images etc

    templates/                          # template files (views)
        | - posts.php

    lib/                                        # everything here is auto required by bootstrap.php
        | - helpers.php             # default helpers
        | - restish.php             # defines the is_get is_post is_put is_delete functions..
        | - db.php                      # static methods that wrapps pdo
        | - other library, helper and model files

"With rewrite" is the preffered way to go if possible, nicer urls is also a nice addition ;) - see rewrite rule for different http deamons at the bottom of this readme

some examples with comments

controllers/hello.php (controller)

    require '../bootstrap.php';

    function on_before() {
        // before filter

    function on_get( $params = array() ) {
        $p['title'] = 'Hello World';

        if ( $_GET['name'] ) {
            $_GET['name'] = 'Unknown';
        } else {
            $p['name'] = 'Unknown';

        return render( basename(__FILE__), $p );

    function on_post( $params = array() ) {
            // create a resource


    function on_put($params = array() ) {
            // update a resource

    function on_delete( $params = array() ) {
            // delete a resource


templates/hello.html.php (template)

    <h1><?=h( $p['title'] )?></h1>
        greetings <?=h( $p['name'] )?>, or did I get your name correctly?

         * form_start with method = put will actually create a <form method="post">
         *  and add a <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="put"/> in order return correct method.
    <?= form_start(array('method'=> 'put')) ?>
            <input type="text" name="name"/>
            <input type="submit"/>

templates/header.php (auto included by public/render.php)

    <!DOCTYPE html !>
            <title><?=h( $p['title'] )?></title>

templates/footer.php (auto included by public/render.php)

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