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import flask
from flask import Flask, g, abort, flash, redirect, url_for, request, render_template
import flaskext.redis
import datetime
import sys
import os
import secret_key
import yaml
app = Flask(__name__)
app.secret_key = secret_key.key
db = flaskext.redis.init_redis(app)
def get_date():
today = request.args.get('date', '')
datetime.datetime.strptime(today, '%Y-%m-%d')
if len(today) > 0:
flash("Format of date '%s' is incorrect, should be YYYY-mm-dd" % (today,))
today ='%Y-%m-%d')
return today
def get_fixture_data():
with open("fixture.yaml", "r") as f:
return yaml.load(
def setup_first():
"""Set up a starting dataset.
fixture = get_fixture_data()
for c in fixture['circles']:
did_add = db.sadd('circles', c['mnemonic'])
if did_add:
circle_key = 'circle:%s' % c['mnemonic']
db.hset(circle_key, 'id', c['id'])
db.hset(circle_key, 'name', c['name'])
db.hset(circle_key, 'mnemonic', c['mnemonic'])
for p in fixture['people']:
db.sadd('nicks', p)
flash('First! Database is go \'enna!')
return redirect(url_for('index'))
def index():
"""GUI to state which people are in attendance tonight.
circles = []
for mnemonic in db.smembers('circles'):
circle = dict(
name= db.hget('circle:%s' % mnemonic, 'name'),
mnemonic= mnemonic
if len(circles) == 0:
return redirect(url_for('setup_first'))
people = db.smembers('nicks')
today = get_date()
members = []
for person in people:
otherkey = '%s:%s' % (person, today)
circle = db.get(otherkey) or ''
members.append(dict(name=person, circle=circle))
reports = set()
for candidate_month in db.keys('meetups:*'):
junk, _, month = candidate_month.partition(":")
return render_template('index.html', today=today, members=members, circles=circles, reports=reports)
def person_should_be_added(nick, today, circle):
if not nick and circle:
return False
# Has this Nick been registered in a circle today? If so, return False
for circle_name in db.keys("circle:*:%s" % today):
if nick in db.smembers(circle_name):
return False
return True
def attend():
"""Ajax callback to record a person as attending a circle.
today = get_date()
this_month = today[0:-3]
nick = request.args.get("nick", "")
circle = request.args.get("circle", "")
if person_should_be_added(nick, today, circle):
key = "circle:%s:%s" % (circle, today)
db.sadd(key, nick)
otherkey = "%s:%s" % (nick, today)
db.set(otherkey, circle)
# Meetup dates are added incrementally
db.sadd("meetups", today)
db.sadd("meetups:%s" % this_month, today)
db.sadd("circles:%s" % this_month, circle)
return '1'
return '0'
def unattend():
"""Ajax callback to cancel attendance for one person.
today = get_date()
this_month = today[0:-3]
nick = request.args.get("nick")
circle = request.args.get("circle")
if nick and circle:
db.srem("circle:%s:%s" % (circle, today), nick)
db.delete("%s:%s" % (nick, today))
return '1'
return '0'
def join_forskningsavdelningen():
"""Add given nick to the database.
nick = request.args.get("nick", "")
message = "Hm, what?"
if nick:
db.sadd("nicks", nick)
message = "Tack, tillagd."
return redirect(url_for('index'))
def report_one_month():
"""Render a monthly report of attendance of the circles.
def get_circles():
return db.smembers("circles")
report = []
chosen_month = request.args.get("month",'%Y-%m'))
dates_this_month = db.smembers("meetups:%s" % chosen_month)
circles_this_month = db.smembers("circles:%s" % chosen_month)
for iso_day in sorted(dates_this_month):
day = {'date': iso_day, 'circles': []}
for circle_name in circles_this_month:
circle = {'name': circle_name, 'attendees': []}
for nick in db.smembers("circle:%s:%s" % (circle_name, iso_day)):
return render_template('report.html', report=report)
if __name__ == "__main__":
if 'debug' in sys.argv:
app.debug = True;