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A Slack alert service for your GitHub Projects board
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Camel Spotting 🐫 🔭

Description :octocat:

Camel Spotting is a tool that connects your GitHub Projects updates into your team's Slack to keep everyone on the same page. Be in the know about your kanban board.

Status 🚥

Right now, working code is available in its entirety in the main.go file but it is still a work-in-progress.

Installation flow 💾

This is very much a work-in-progress I'll be focusing on making this run both locally and on AWS Lambda before going into things like the Slack button.

Add a file named config.json with the structure below to your local repository and then follow the steps below.

  "slack_webhook": "webhook_url_value",
  "github_webhook_secret": "secret_value",
  "github_repo_owner": "repo_owner_value",
  "github_repo_name": "repo_name_value"
  1. Create app on Slack Apps site
    • Here you'll need to enable Incoming Webhooks and copy the URL for the channel you'd like to send message into.
  2. Fill out the necessary fields in the config.json file.
    • Paste the copied Slack channel URL into the slack_webhook field.
    • Place your chosen GitHub webhook secret value into the github_webhook_secret field.
    • Add the target GitHub repository owner and name into the github_repo_owner and github_repo_name fields, respectively.
  3. Create an AWS Lambda function that has an API Gateway trigger.
    • This can be done through the console page for AWS Lambda.
  4. Bundle your application and user settings.
    • In your local environment, build the application binary (e.g. go build -o /tmp/camelspotting).
    • Compress both the binary file and the config.json file using zip (e.g. zip -j camelspotting config.json).
  5. Set up your GitHub repository webhook.
    • Set the Payload URL value to the URL for your AWS Lambda function API Gateway URL.
    • Paste your GitHub webhook secret from the config.json file into the Secret field.
    • Select "Let me select individual events" and make sure that only the Project cards is checked.
  6. Upload the .zip file to AWS Lambda.
    • Using the console, upload your compressed file and you're ready to go!

Wishlist / roadmap 🔖

This is a summary of several features that can be built / expanded upon from the existing code (with as much description possible without becoming verbose). NOTE: this is a "living list" so I'll add to stuff her periodically; I might also just move this all over to GitHub Issues as present them as future features.

  • streamline activation/installation
    • e.g. GitHub sign-in and Slack button
  • configure setting through Slack slash commands (after install)
    • e.g. message verbosity, board actions, channels, etc.
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