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Plugin for beets music manager that adds album reviews from Pitchfork
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Pitchfork Plugin for Beets

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Plugin for Beets that adds ratings from Pitchfork.


pip install beets-pitchfork

To install bleeding edge instead, use:

pip install git+git://


Make sure to add pitchfork to your plugins setting in config.yaml. In the unlikely event you don't have any other plugins, just add a new line like:

plugins: pitchfork

If you'd like to automatically fetch reviews on import, add the following (default is False):

  auto: true


Fetch album ratings via:

beet pitchfork [options] [QUERY...]
  • -f/--force: Force updating even if review already exists

Use pitchfork_score in your queries. You can find this year's highly rated albums in your library like so:

beet ls -a pitchfork_score:8..10 year:2018

The following fields are available via this plugin:

  • pitchfork_bnm: Whether the album was designated Best New Music
  • pitchfork_description: Review summary
  • pitchfork_score: Numeric score
  • pitchfork_url: Link to the actual review


  • 0.0.6: Don't crash on server errors
  • 0.0.5: Upload to pypi as beets-pitchfork
  • 0.0.4: Enable auto-fetching review on import
  • 0.0.3: Add pitchfork_bnm, move back to pitchfork library
  • 0.0.2: Use pitchfork_api dependency
  • 0.0.1: First release

Possible future work

  • Allow manual specification for artist / album query in order to alleviate failures
  • Consider some method of re-trying search if no result found
  • Use pre-scraped database to avoid spamming Pitchfork servers



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