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⚠ WARNING: This library's current state is in heavy development ⚠

Forth Engine's Core C++ Library

Forth-Library is a Library to manipulate four dimensional objects via Cross Sectional Projection. My biggest motivation to create this library is to have my asset Engine4 moving away from Unity. Creating one more degree of freedom to create higher-dimensional gaming to interested parties.

Forth-Library is part of higher project Forth Engine. Forth Engine is not just about displaying higher dimensional objects: There will be Physics, Scene Management, Import/Export, Graphics Patches, The Editor, etc.. It's future aim is to became a full blown Independent Game Engine.

This Library does not depends on any other library except STL (Standard Libraries) implemented in C++11. Currently it's tested only in MSVC 15 (Windows). More platform and compiler supports is on the way.

Playable demos is at Forth-Engine/demo

Prelease Feature Checklists

Legend: ✅ Finished ⌛ Not implemented / WIP

  • ⌛ Core Rendering Functions
    • ✅ Procedural Shape Generation Functions
    • ✅ Primitive Shapes (Procedural)
    • ✅ CrossSection (Flatland) Projection
    • ✅ Frustum (Perspective) Projection
    • ✅ (Basic) Shape Import/Export
    • ✅ OpenGL Integration
    • ⌛ Vertex Buffer (UV + Color)
  • ⌛ Graphic Features
    • ✅ Simplexes (Point+Line+Surface Rendering)
    • ✅ Culling Optimizations
    • ⌛ Particle System
    • ⌛ Line Trails
  • ⌛ Physics Module
    • ✅ Collisions and Rigidbody
    • ✅ Bounce and Frictions
    • ✅ Primitive Collider (Box + Sphere + Capsule)
    • ⌛ Convex Collider
    • ⌛ Static Concave Collider
    • ⌛ Kinematic Character Controller
    • ⌛ Joints/Effectors
  • ⌛ Scene Managements
  • ⌛ Documentation
  • ⌛ ...etc...


GPLv3. This could change in future but currently we want to motivate parties who like to do researches rather than those who do commercial.