Deployment tools for Craft on fortrabbit
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Craft Copy Plugin (RC1)

This little command line tool helps to speed up common tasks around Craft CMS deployment on fortrabbit:

  • dump the database,
  • sync the assets folder,
  • push and pull code changes.


  • macOS or Linux (no Windows support so far)
  • Craft 3
  • PHP 7.1
  • Composer installed
  • Executable binaries: php, mysqldump, git and rsync installed locally
  • SSH key installed with fortrabbit (no password auth so far)

Demo setup


Installation (locally)

cd your/craft-project

composer config platform --unset

composer require fortrabbit/craft-copy:^1.0.0-RC1

./craft install/plugin copy
./craft copy/setup


Getting started

# Get help
./craft help copy

# Tell the plugin which fortrabbit App to use
./craft copy/setup

# Environment checks
./craft copy
./craft copy/info


# Dump local DB and import it on remote
./craft copy/db/up

# Dump remote DB and import it locally
./craft copy/db/down

# Export DB
./craft copy/db/to-file {file}

# Import DB
./craft copy/db/from-file {file}


# Rsync local assets with remote
./craft copy/assets/up {config} {assetDir}

# Rsync remote assets with local
./craft copy/assets/down {config} {assetDir}

No remote volumes (S3, Object Storage, ..) so far.


# Git push
./craft copy/code/up

# Git pull (current remote)
./craft copy/code/down

# Git pull (specific remote)
./craft copy/code/down

Multi Staging

At fortrabbit your set up multiple Apps to create multiple environments for your project.


Once your Apps are in place, you connect your local environment with each App.

# Run this command to setup a new deployment configuration
./craft copy setup


# Copy code and db down from 'production'
php craft copy/code/down production
php craft copy/db/down production

# Make changes
# ...

# Copy code and db up to 'staging'
php craft copy/code/up staging
php craft copy/db/up staging

Run scripts before/after commands

Supported commands:

  • code/up
  • code/down
  • db/up
  • db/down
  • assets/up
  • assets/down

Here you can find some use cases: config/fortrabbit.example-config.yaml