Legal documents of fortrabbit in markdown with trackable changes
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fortrabbit legal documents

Ever wondered, what actually have changed in that terms? Well, we too. We believe in transparency. See a diff and a version history of our terms and other legal documents. What has been changed, when, why, who did it?


This is a read-only repo for obvious reasons. Pull requests in favor for "better" terms will most likely be rejected, typos are welcome!

How this is integrated

This is the original source of text. We include this repo as a Git subtree in the App which finally will render all this and a bunch of other stuff in our front facing marketing website: Example Git subtree usage for our case:

1 — initialize

git subtree add --prefix templates/legal master

2 — pull

git subtree pull --prefix templates/legal master

3 — push

git subtree push --prefix templates/legal master

Probably use the --squash parameter on all of the above.


Do what ever you want with it. Fork and reuse for your own project.