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// Grid
// This is a "rigid" CSS grid based grid system
// It aims to replace standard float:left systems
// It's based on 12 columns by default
// calc stuff seems complicated, but the only way I know
// not run into too much overflow trouble with bigger gaps
// Based on Michael_Bs answer here:
.grid {
// MODIFY: Number of columns, best: 8 - 18
--grid-cols: 12;
// There is one less Gap than Columns
--grid-gaps: calc(var(--grid-cols) - 1);
// Percentage for each col
--col-size: calc(100%/var(--grid-cols));
// Total Space in Grid occupied within the Gaps
--gap-total: calc(var(--gap-space, 0px) * var(--grid-gaps));
// Space to substract by each col for gaps
--gap-subst: calc(var(--gap-total) / var(--grid-cols));
display: grid;
// Default 12 columns 8.333333% - ………
grid-template-columns: repeat(var(--grid-cols), calc(var(--col-size) - var(--gap-subst)));
grid-gap: var(--gap-space, 0px);
gap: var(--gap-space, 0px); // supposed standard
grid-auto-flow: dense; // opinionated