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The commits probably need splitting out

WillWowmc added some commits Jun 8, 2016
@WillWowmc WillWowmc Super Shotgun + Tranq anim edits 3487535
@WillWowmc WillWowmc Attempts at RPG fixing, is still super dodgy
Didn't work/help, but it's a work in progress...
@WillWowmc WillWowmc Merge pull request #1 from fortressforever/master
Updating my files (adds super shotgun fix)
@WillWowmc WillWowmc Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/WillWowmc/fortressforever… 65337c3
@WillWowmc WillWowmc Pyro reloads+small updates
Flamethrower reload animation, IC pumping/reloading animations + .qc
tweak, tranq fire animation reverted to old one for now but WIP file is
still there (Fire_NGEY=Fire_NotGoodEnoughYet), super shotgun
re-animations /basically/ finalised
@WillWowmc WillWowmc Actually adding IC stuff this time!
I forgot to change the IC stuff around from before in the last commit,
so I'm actually doing that now.

I'd say this can probably be merged, I kept my fork up to date with this so it shouldn't override any changes done to this one.

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