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if ($patch == "2.7.x") {
<div class="c_table">
<h3 class="no-margin">Patch 2.7.8</h3>
<div class="t_subheader">Released January 27, 2019</div>
<div class="t_body">
<ul class="task-list">
<li>Fixed some inconsistencies with how friendly fire interacts with sabotaged buildables</li>
<li>Removed the -1 frag recieved from suicides</li>
<li>The top damager of a player that kills themselves now gets an assist (shown in death notices as &lt;icon&gt; suicider + assister)</li>

<h3 class="no-margin">Patch 2.7.7</h3>
<div class="t_subheader">Released September 4, 2018</div>
<div class="t_body">

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