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### Debugging
To start the game from within VS debugger, right click `client_ff` or `server_ff` project (whichever you are working on)
and click `properties`. Navigate to the 'Debugging' section.
Set command to the 'hl2.exe' in your fortress forever installation directory. On a default steam installation it will look like this:
- command `"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fortress Forever\hl2.exe"`
- arguments: `-game "FortressForever" -allowdebug -dev`
(you will need to set this up for both client/server, or whatever you need to debug)
Now you can smack F5 to start the game with debugging ready to go. I recommend adding eg, `+map ff_2fort` to parameters save time.
Here is an example with nonstandard steam path: ![example](
#### Debugging an active session
* Compile using the *Debug FF* configuration
* Copy the built dlls to your Fortress Forever folder and launch Fortress Forever (need to use the launch parameter `-allowdebug`)
* Launch Fortress Forever (need to use the launch parameter `-allowdebug` in steam)
* In Visual C++, go to *Debug* -> *Attach to Process*
* Find `hl2.exe` in the list and click *Attach*

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