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its me ur pal FFGameRules()

its me your pal vc2005 too stupid to figure out the inheritancein
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DexterHaslem committed Jul 7, 2016
1 parent f0707b5 commit ca35df7897b46720c9a2ae701a09e6f057615b1b
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  1. +2 −3 dlls/ff/ff_player.cpp
@@ -8035,9 +8035,8 @@ void CFFPlayer::UpdateCamera( bool bUnassigned )
void CFFPlayer::AddRecentAttacker( const CTakeDamageInfo &dmgInfo )
// make sure to get the effective scorer incase dmg is from
// a buildable - det, sg, disp, etc
CFFPlayer *pAttacker = ToFFPlayer(dynamic_cast<CMultiplayRules *>(g_pGameRules)->GetDeathScorer( dmgInfo.GetAttacker(), dmgInfo.GetInflictor() ));
//CFFPlayer *pAttacker = ToFFPlayer( dmgInfo.GetAttacker() );
// a buildable - det, sg, dispenser, probably nades etc
CFFPlayer *pAttacker = ToFFPlayer( FFGameRules()->GetDeathScorer( dmgInfo.GetAttacker(), dmgInfo.GetInflictor() ) );

// dont track our own client in recent attacks, otherwise we would show up as an assist when the world kills us & suicides
// note: world dmg comes in as null here.

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