3rd person RPG should point at where the rocket will go #146

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In TFC and TF2 the RPG points exactly where the soldier is aiming so its easier to predict and juke their rockets. Most weapons dont matter so much but the RPG is probably the most important there i think.

Will require anim / pose tweaks I guess.


I think Crazycarl actually did this but it never made it into release because it was coupled with some other unfinished animation tweaks. Still need to do some more investigation of the models repo and git a public repo setup.


I messaged carl, he replied:

I did tweak this, as well as a few other things, in my last commit to the models SVN but I don't know if it ever made it to release. If you run models/trunk/player/ff_player_shared/compile/ff_anim_pF.qc through studiomdl, it should build your animation .mdl. The revision in question was 13671.

@squeek502 squeek502 added a commit to fortressforever/fortressforever-models that referenced this issue Jun 8, 2016
@squeek502 squeek502 Crazycarl: Make RPG face where its actually aiming
 - This is part of a commit by Crazycarl merged over from the old model SVN
 - See fortressforever/fortressforever#146
@squeek502 squeek502 referenced this issue in fortressforever/fortressforever-models Jun 8, 2016

Crazycarl: Make RPG face where its actually aiming #1


Think this is done now

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