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@@ -52,11 +52,16 @@ Both templates provide:
* Database seed file with default user
* Heroku for deployment and hosting (optional)
* Git for source control with ".gitignore", init and commit
+* optional RSpec instead of TestUnit
+* optional Cucumber for BDD
+* optional Yard instead of RDoc
The rails3-subdomain-devise-template adds:
* subdomains
+Best of all, everything is set up, integrated to work together, and field-tested so you don't waste time tracking down bugs or incompatibilities.
h2. Gems
The templates require these gems:
@@ -69,11 +74,8 @@ The templates require these gems:
These gems are optional:
* "heroku":
-* "jquery-rails":
* "haml":
* "haml-rails": (for Haml)
-* "hpricot": (used to generate Devise views for Haml)
-* "ruby_parser": (used to generate Devise views for Haml)
The rails3-subdomain-devise-template requires this gem:
@@ -84,7 +86,7 @@ h2. Dependencies
Before generating your application, you will need:
* The Ruby language (version 1.8.7 or 1.9.2)
-* Rails (version 3.0.4 or newer)
+* Rails (version 3.0.5 or newer)
bq. You MUST be using Rails 3.0.4 or newer. Generating a Rails application from an "HTTPS" URL does not work in Rails 3.0.3 and earlier versions.
@@ -130,6 +132,9 @@ The application generator template offers you the following options:
* set up your view files using the Haml templating language
* use jQuery instead of Prototype
* install the heroku gem for deployment to Heroku
+* use RSpec instead of TestUnit
+* use Cucumber for BDD
+* use Yard instead of RDoc
If you wish to "change the recipe" to generate the app with your own customized options, you can copy and edit the template file.

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