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imporve organization of Cucumber features for the website

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@@ -282,6 +282,8 @@ Run @rake spec@ to run all RSpec tests.
Run @rake cucumber@ (or more simply, @cucumber@) to run all Cucumber scenarios and steps.
+You can browse and search the Cucumber features at the "Relish": website.
h2. Documentation and Support
See the "Tutorial": for this app for details of how it was built. Please create an "Issue": on GitHub if you identify any problems or have suggestions for improvements.
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+- (About These Examples)
+- users:
+ - sign_in.feature
+ - sign_out.feature
+ - sign_up.feature
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+The cucumber features provided here demonstrate some of the features of the rails3-mongoid-devise example app.
+This example app combines [Mongoid]( with [Devise]( Mongoid is a datastore that gives you quick development without schemas or migrations. Devise gives you ready-made authentication and user management.
+The [rails3-mongoid-devise]( app is on GitHub.
+If you have ideas to clarify or improve any of these cucumber features, please submit a [GitHub issue]( or pull request.
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