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Deprecated. Use the rails_apps_composer gem instead.

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Rails3 Devise Wizard Gem

Creates a ready-to-run Rails web application using Devise for authentication. Makes it easy to create and maintain a starter app using your own preferred options.

The Project Has Moved!

Please visit the project at its new home with a new name:

Rails Apps Composer Gem

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This project is based on Michael Bleigh’s RailsWizard gem. The original idea for a RailsWizard and the innovative implementation is the work of Michael Bleigh.

Fletcher Nichol’s project fnichol/rails-template-recipes provides the basis for several recipes.

RSpec, Cucumber, and Yard recipes were contributed by Ramon Brooker.

Additional recipes by Daniel Kehoe,


MIT License

The rails3_devise_wizard gem and its recipes are distributed under the MIT License.

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