JSON API serializer for Fortune.
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Fortune JSON API Serializer

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This is a JSON API serializer for Fortune.js, which implements all of the features in the base specification, and follows the recommendations as much as possible.

$ npm install fortune fortune-http fortune-json-api


const http = require('http')
const fortune = require('fortune')
const fortuneHTTP = require('fortune-http')
const jsonApiSerializer = require('fortune-json-api')

// `instance` is an instance of Fortune.js.
const listener = fortuneHTTP(instance, {
  serializers: [
    // The `options` object here is optional.
    [ jsonApiSerializer, options ]
// The listener function may be used as a standalone server, or
// may be composed as part of a framework.
const server = http.createServer((request, response) =>
  listener(request, response)
  .catch(error => { /* error logging */ }))


The options object is as follows:

  • prefix: hyperlink prefix, without leading or trailing slashes. Default: "" (empty string).
  • inflectType: pluralize and dasherize the record type name in the URI. Default: true.
  • inflectKeys: camelize the field names per record. Default: true.
  • maxLimit: maximum number of records to show per page. Default: 1000.
  • includeLimit: maximum depth of fields per include. Default: 3.
  • bufferEncoding: which encoding type to use for input buffer fields. Default: base64.
  • jsonSpaces: how many spaces to use for pretty printing JSON. Default: 2.
  • jsonapi: top-level object mainly used for describing version. Default: { version: '1.0' }.

Internal options:

  • uriTemplate: URI template string.
  • allowLevel: HTTP methods to allow ordered by appearance in URI template.


This software is licensed under the MIT license.