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This smart contract is written by Fourty Seven based on Zepplin-solidity.

Zepplin-solidity is well audited and tested set of opensource contracts, avaliable here

Zepplin-solidity is following the best practicas of writing smart contracts( as well as main solidity security considerations (

This smart contract is specially designed to provide a limited emision of ERC20 ( standard tokens named FSBT (Fourty Seven Token) during pre-sale and main-sale periods of an ICO.

ERC20 FSBT Token Contract (based on Zepplin-solidity MintableToken)

  • Contract name FSBToken
  • Name Forty Seven Bank Token
  • Symbol FSBT
  • Decimals 18

Crowdsale Contract


  • uint256 preSaleStartTime start timestamp (in seconds) when pre-investments are allowed (inclusive)
  • uint256 preSaleEndTime end timestamp (in seconds) when pre-investments are allowed (inclusive)
  • uint256 preSaleWeiCap maximum amount of Wei that can be minted during pre-sale period
  • uint256 mainSaleStartTime start timestamp (in seconds) when main investments are allowed (inclusive)
  • uint256 mainSaleEndTime end timestamp (in seconds) when main investments are allowed (inclusive)
  • uint256 mainSaleWeiCap maximum amout of Wei that can be minted during main-sale period
  • uint256 rate how many token units a buyer gets per 1 wei
  • address wallet address of multisig, where the contract collects the ether
  • address tokenWallet address where the contract collects 10% of owners FSBT tokens will be collected after crowdsale finalization

2 Ways to buy tokens

There are 2 ways that allow to buy tokens

  1. Call public method buyTokens and pass the ether as well as the address off the wallet where you want to collect FSBT tokens.
  2. Send ether to the contract address. In this case FSBT tokens will be added to the sender's address.

Bonuses (example)

The contract has a rate of 200 tokens per 1 ether. You are sending to the contract the amount of 10 Ether during pre-sale period (expected 30% bonus). You'll get ( 10 * 200 ) * ((100 + 30) / 100) = 2600 FSBT


The contract creator are allowed to finalize sales with the public method finaliseCrowdsale.

*This method fixes the whole amount of minted tokens token.totalSupply as 90% and mint 10% more tokens, for the address wallet. Then it forever stops minting of this token (means, stopping emission)


The code of the contract as well as this will be updated few times before the beginning of the ICO. We are focused on deep audit and testing, that may require minor changes.