Python Nigeria Conference 2017 - Using Python for GIS and Remote Sensing Operations
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Using Python for GIS and Remote Sensing Operations

Python is becoming more popular among top players in GIS/RS industry. ArcGIS in the commercial market has adopted python as its scripting language named ArcPy while QGIS in the open source market has PyQGIS to extend it capability using python scripting.

Today, there are more native libraries that offer GIS and Remote Sensing operations in the python ecosystem. In this talk, we will work through Jupyter notebooks that cover some of these python Geo processing tools. Topics include python tools for geocoding, web mapping, vector and raster processing. This talk is intended for novice and intermediate python developers who are interested/working in any of these Geo data science fields:-
~ GIS/Mapping
~ Geography / Geophysics / Geodesy / Geomatics
~ Earth Sciences / Environmental Sciences
~ Geovisualization
~ Smart Cities
~ Spatial Data / Geodata
~ Geospatial Webservices
~ Spatial Databases
~ Remote Sensing and Image Processing



~ Anaconda Python 3
~ Folium
~ GeoPy
~ PyProj
~ PyShp
~ Pandas

  • All can be installed using "pip install ..."

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