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Ansible Modules for Forward Enterprise
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Forward Enterprise documents, searches, verifies, and predicts the behavior of your network by creating an always-accurate software copy of your entire network infrastructure for both on-prem and cloud.

This repository includes sample Ansible modules to automate interactions with a Forward Enterprise server:

  • forward_check: Add/Remove/Verify a provided check
  • forward_network: Get networks from Forward instance
  • forward_snapshot: Collect a new snapshot for a given network, or upload a previously saved one

The instructions below explain how to install the main pre-req (the fwd-api Python bindings), then set up a Forward properties file.

DISCLAIMER: All the code in this repository is distributed with no warranty and no support from Forward Networks.

Install the fwd_api python module

Get the fwd-api submodules

git submodule update --init --recursive cd deps/fwd-api

Install the python module

You can either scope the installation of the fwd_api python module to a virtual environment or install it system-wide. The first is recommended.

Installing in a virtual env

Get virtualenv

pip install virtualenv

From the fwd-api directory, create a virtual environment for Python:

virtualenv fwd_virtual

This should produce a folder named fwd_virtual. Use the virtual environment by calling:

source fwd_virtual/bin/activate

From this same terminal, follow the instructions in the system-wide instructions.

Installing system-wide

fwd-api depends on python's request module. To get it, use pip:

pip install requests

After installing requests, use to install the fwd_api module; from the fwd-api directory, run:

python install

Return to the original top-level repository directory:

cd ../..

Set up local properties file

Set up properties file from the sample


Fill in the content to match your Forward instance and network:

url = username = password = network_name =

Forward modules may take a 'properties_file_path' value to enable overriding the default location:

    properties_file_path: <path to properties file>

Note: If a property is both in the properties file and passed to an Ansible module, the property passed to the Ansible module will take a higher priority.

Try out examples

Check the playbooks in the examples directory to get started.

For example, we recommend:

 ansible-playbook examples/networks.yml

... to see a list of networks for your user account.

Provide Feedback

If you're interested in using these modules or have any feedback, please let us know at

We're making this code available to enable early feedback, so that these modules might be more actively developed, tested, and even officially supported.

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