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An Objective-C wrapper for msgpack-c. Focuses on ease of use and speed. If you need configurability, there are other, more advanced libraries, for example MPMessagePack.

This library will always try to use sane defaults. If any nil value is encountered in the MessagePack-data, the object will be omitted instead of returning an [NSNull null]. This means that there can be no nil objects in dictionaries, and object-less keys will be lost in translation.

Example usage:

#import <msgpack-objc/MessagePack.h>

NSDictionary *dictionary = @{@"name": @"msgpack-objc"};

NSData *messagePackData = [MessagePack packObject:dictionary];
NSDictionary *unpackedDictionary = [MessagePack unpackData:messagePackData];

Supported native types:

  • NSArray
  • NSData
  • NSDate (using MessagePack-timestamps)
  • NSDictionary
  • NSNumber (boolean, u64, i64, float32/64)
  • NSString

Extension support

The library supports MessagePack-timestamps, and will return an NSDate-object whenever one is encountered. When serializing, any NSDate-objects will also be serialized as native MessagePack-timestamps.

You can add native serialization for your own classes by subclassing MessagePackExtension.