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This is the very simple FOS Jump Generator

Why FOS Jump ?

Because finding how to be helpful in the Free/OpenSource community is still not straightforward.


  • Fact n°1: There are a lot of people who want to help with the FOS movement because they simply love the idea of it, but they just don't know how they want to do so (not sure what they want to code, or even if they want to code).

  • Fact n°2: At the same time: There are a lot of different materials out there that could help one get involved in the FOS movement (like OpenHatch, Github's tool, and some specific projects with their well organized how-to-contribute documentation and welcoming community).

  • So: I thought it might be nice to regroup the tools available in one website (FOS Jump) and let people chose which one they feel more comfortable using.

TL;DR : This is not about creating the tools, it's about regrouping them in a very simple and user friendly way.

Why the generator?

Because other static web generators are too complex for the needs of the project. (pip install -r requirements.txt) It's really easy, you can even ignore everything and only check the data/ folder for modifications.

The project structure:

It's really simple:

  • One python program to generate the website (into the output/ folder) using jinja2 templating.
  • A simple python script that creates a HTTP server inside the output/ folder if you want to serve the site locally.
  • template/: contains the Jinja2 templates
  • data/: contains the files you might want to edit (please follow their simple format):
    • projects.yml: contains all the project links. Note that, if you add a project, you need to add an image for it in the projectsImage/ folder.

       	    text: "that explains what the project is about"
       	    linkName: "The button to click"
       	    linkURL: https://how.tojoin.the/project
       	    image: imagename.jpg
    • other.yml: contains the other links and videos

       		"video name":
       			"a Name": 
       			text: " This link is supposed to help finding other open source projects to contribute to"
    • markdown content of contrib.html

Modifying one file can be enough to make the wanted changes (Again: data/links.yml to add or modify a project in the website's main page. And data/other.yml for the Other Materials page).

How to contribute to FOS Jump ?

Anyone can propose:

  • FOS Projects with good how-to-contribute readings;
  • Websites that help finding projects FOS Projects to participate to;
  • Videos about the subject;
  • Solutions to an issue
  • Or any other idea for improving the platform.

There are three main ways to proceed:

1. Making a pull request (github project).

2. Via github issues:

####3. Or sending an email to (if you don't have a github account)


Only links to FOS projects that are newcomer-friendly are accepted in the main list.

Any type of contribution is welcomed.