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This is the G.722 optimized for ARC EM cores with DSP functionality (ARC EMxD cores: The original G722 code was taken from G.191 ( because assumes wide-band codecs (aka G.722.2). The patch was applied over vanilla G.722 to make it ARC EM friendly. Please note, modification are touching (and removing) some files in folders: basop, eid, g722 and utl.


  1. Installed MetaWare Development Toolkit M-2017.03 or newer
  2. Valid license for MetaWare Development compiler and debugger


These steps allow you to build and run test application for ARC EM 11D (

  1. Open command prompt or terminal
  2. Go to folder 'make' folder
  3. Type gmake clean all to rebuild libraries and application. You may see some warning messages during build, please ignore them. In result you will have g722demo.elf executable in your folder
  4. Type gmake run to start G.722 application over ARC nSIM simulator in command line. In result, encoder will produce file 'output.bit' and decoder will produce file 'output.pcm'

Customizing for your hardware platform

If you would build and run codec for your specific platform you need to modify '' in make folder. At least you need to specify path to your TCF file. After that you need to rebuild codec completely.