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This application, which implements a mobile inverted pendulum robots, is designed to show how to develop a Motion Control using embARC.


This project was successful in achieving a two-wheeled autonomous robot based on the inverted pendulum model.EMSK works as controller, it will deal with sensor datas and interact with user via bluetooth. We can view all data on serial terminal, and sent instructions to the robot to change its motion mode.


  • Upright
    The robot can keep itself upright even if there is a great disturbances.
  • Linear Motion
    Under upright condition, the robot has excellent ability to linear motion.
  • Angular Rotation
    Not only linear motion, but also angular rotation can be implemented.
  • Over the Seesaw
    Based on the above, the robot can autonomously through the seesaw

System Architecture

system architecture

Hardware and Software Setup

Required Hardware

Required Software

  • ARC GNU Toolset 2017.03
  • Serial port terminal, such as putty, tera-term or minicom

Hardware Connection

  1. Connect BLE HC-05 module to Pmod J1(Using UART interface)
  2. Connect IMU MPU6050 module to Pmode J2(Using I2C interface)
  3. Connect Expansion Board to Pmode J6, J5(Using J6 SPI interface, J5 using for mechanical fixing)

User Manual

Before running this application

Download source code of invert-pendulum from github, and ensure install a serial port terminal and arc-gnu toolset in your PC. The hardware resources are allocated as following table.

Hardware resource Function
MPU6050 Gyroscope and acceleration sensor
HC-05 Provide bluetooth connection
MC7805 Linear Voltage Regulator
ROBOTS PLATFORM integrated module

Run This Application

Here take EMSK2.3, CUR_CORE = arcem7d with GNU Toolset for example to show how to run this application.

  1. We need to use embARC 2nd bootloader to automatically load application binary for different EMSK and run. See example/bootloader Example for reference.
  2. Open your serial terminal such as Tera-Term on PC, and configure it to right COM port and 115200bps.
  3. Interact using EMSK and serial port terminal.


  • Selected FreeRTOS in /application/invered_pendulum/scr/makefile, then you can use FreeRTOS API in your application:

      #Selected OS
      OS_SEL ?= freertos
  • Target options about EMSK and toolchain:

      BOARD ?= emsk
      BD_VER ?= 23
      CUR_CORE ?= arcem7d
      TOOLCHAIN = gnu
  • The relative series of the root directory, here the path of the makefile is /application/invered_pendulum/scr/makefile:

      # root dir of embarc
      EMBARC_ROOT = ../../../..
  • Directories of source files and header files, notice that it is not recursive:

      # application source dirs
      APPL_CSRC_DIR = . ./TskDbg ./Queue ./TskMotor ./drivers ./TskTop ./FastMath_Table 
      # application include dirs
      APPL_INC_DIR = . ./TskDbg ./Queue ./TskTop ./drivers ./TskMotor ./FastMath_Table 

See embARC Example User Guide, "Options to Hard-Code in the Application Makefile" for more detailed information about Makefile Options.


Placing the drivers' source code in application/invered_pendulum/scr/drivers folder, C source and header file in the folder.

file Function
imu.c/imu.h get imu sensor data(int16_t raw data)
spi.c/spi.h transfer qei data(int16_t) and pwm(int16_t)
timer.c/timer.h Timer 1,2ms interrupt for motroTick


The FastMath_Table is used to fast atan function, ranging in -0.98rad~0.45rad(table data is 1024 times of actual angle).The table index is equal to tangent value enlarges 128 times and add 192.

 * n = m << 7 + 192, y = round(x << 10) 
 * m: tangent value
 * n: array index
 * x: atan(m)
 * y: array[n]


The Queue realizes queue functions through linear table, type:char or int.


Drawback: it implement queue by arrays, which will waste memory space and fix data type.


The TskDbg mainly uses for UART transmission.

file Function
cmd.c/cmd.h interact with user
dbgUart.c/dbgUart.h uart transfer and uart Task


The TskMotor completes data processing and algorithm application.


The file algorithm.s implements algorithms through assembly instructions. The file assert.c is useful to handling exceptions.
The file physParmas.h contains macro define for data factor and customize typedef struct.

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