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Auto-following Suitcase Application

This application is designed to show how to develop an Auto-following Suitcase using embARC.A person holding a tag in hand,three ultra-wideband anchors should be installed inside the suitcase in an equilateral triangular shape with a side length of 20cm. The distance information measured by the UWB module is transmitted to EMSK through UART.Based on the principle of three-point positioning,the azimuth between the person and the suitcase can be obtained to achieve following.This suitcase can also monitor ambient temperature and air conditions.When the distance between the trunk and the owner exceed the preset ,the trunk will stop automatically,and then sound the alarm or call the mobile phone, so you don't have to worry about losing the trunk.This design is mainly suitable for flat and open indoor applications such as airport waiting halls.


Smart Auto-following Suitcase


  • Ambient temperature and air condition monitoring


  • obstacle avoiding


  • Auto-following


  • Auto-alarm (The device will sound the alarm when the distance between one and suitcase is longer than 4 meters, and call the mobile phone when it is longer than 5.5 meters)


System Architecture


Hardware and Software Setup

Required Hardware

  • 1 DesignWare ARC EM Starter Kit(EMSK)
  • 1 Digilent PMOD TMP2
  • 1 Dust Sensor(ZPH01)
  • 1 Display Screen(OLED)
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 1 GPRS Module(SIM900A)
  • 2 Motor Driver Module(TB6612FNG)
  • 4 Positioning Module(DWM1000)
  • 4 Wheel
  • 4 Motor
  • 1 SD Card
  • 3 Ultrasonic Sensor(HCSR04)

The list of hardware is shown in the picture following.


Required Software

  • Metaware or ARC GNU Toolset
  • Serial port terminal, such as putty, tera-term or minicom

Hardware Connection

  1. The EMSK implement Auto-folowing smart device, it will process the data returned by positioning module and ultrasonic sensor,and send instructions to motor driver module.It can also monitor temperature and dust concentration of air,we can view these data on OLED.
    • Connect Positioning module to J1(Using UART interface), connect Motor driver module to J3 and J6,connect Ultrasonic sensor to J1 and J3.
    • Connect PMOD TMP2 to J4(Using IIC interface), connect ZPH01 to J5(Using uart interface),connect OLED and GPRS to J2(Using IIC interface),connect Buzzer to J6.
  2. Configure your EMSKs with proper core configuration.

User Manual

Before Running This Application

Download source code of Auto-following Suitcase from github.

The hardware resources are allocated as following table.

Hardware Resource Function
PMOD TMP2 Temperature sensor
ZPH01 Dust sensor
OLED Display screen
SIM900A Send messages or call
TB6612FNG Motor driver module
HCSR04 Dust sensor
OLED Ultrasonic sensor
DWM1000 Positioning module
  • Modify mux.c (/board/emsk/common/emsk_init.c)
line 107: change 
	set_pmod_mux(PM1_UR_UART_0 | PM1_LR_SPI_S	\
				| PM2_I2C_HRI		\
				| PM3_GPIO_AC		\
				| PM4_I2C_GPIO_D	\
				| PM5_UR_SPI_M1 | PM5_LR_GPIO_A	\
				| PM6_UR_SPI_M0 | PM6_LR_GPIO_A );
	set_pmod_mux(mux_regs, PM1_UR_UART_0 | PM1_LR_GPIO_A	\
				| PM2_I2C_HRI			\
				| PM3_GPIO_AC			\
				| PM4_I2C_GPIO_D		\
				| PM5_UR_GPIO_C | PM5_LR_SPI_M2	\
				| PM6_UR_GPIO_C | PM6_LR_GPIO_A );

Run This Application

Here take EMSK2.2 - ARC EM7D with GNU Toolset for example to show how to run this application.


  • Target options about EMSK and toolchain:

      BOARD ?= emsk
      BD_VER ?= 22
      CUR_CORE ?= arcem7d
      TOOLCHAIN ?= gnu
  • The relative series of the root directory, here the path of the Makefile is

      # root dir of embARC
      EMBARC_ROOT = ../../..
      MID_SEL = common u8glib

See embARC Example User Guide, "Options to Hard-Code in the Application Makefile" for more detailed information about Makefile Options.


Placing the drivers' source code in driver folder, you can see there are subfolders for ultasonic,GPRS,ZPH01,buzzer and temperature drivers. Placing the C source file and header file in the corresponding subfolder.

folder/file Function
ultrasonic ultrasonic driver
temperature temperature driver
GPRS GPRS driver
ZPH01 ZPH01 driver
buzzer buzzer driver



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