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iLight SmartDevice Application

This application is designed to show how to develop a Smart Device using embARC. iLight can be controlled by gestures and iOS App.It has lots of working modes and can make great convenience for you in your daily life.The connection between EMSK and the SmartPhone is based on bluetooth. Let's start a interesting trip with iLight!



iLight is a smart device which can be used to make convenience for you in your daily life.


  • Running mode

    The blinking light will give you a more safe sports environment in your running at night.


  • Alarm mode

    The Blue light and the red light blinking alternately when it alarms.


  • Riding mode

    It will turn to red when you decrease your speed and in colors when you ride in uniform speed.


  • Timing mode

    You can set the time by your mobilephone and it will show you the progress bar at timing and blink when the time is up.


  • Music mode

    It can get the data of music by mic and switch lights according to the rhythm of music.


  • Weather mode

    Show you the current weather by the light's color. It can be updated in real time via the iOS App.

  • Shaking mode

    You can set those words which you want to show and shake the iLight to show those words.

iOS App

iLight can be controlled by the iLight IOS App. Download it from the Appstore. Then, you can change the iLight's working mode using it, and it will be easier to modify the configuratons of iLight. For example, change the brightness in Running mode, Riding mode or Alarm mode, etc.



  • How to connect it to the iLight?

    The App will connect the iLight automatically as soon as starting up, entering the default password: 000000. Restart it when it fails.

  • How to refresh the weather

    The iLight gets weather information by the App in weather mode. Click City select button to choose the city, and the default is Wuhan, CN. Then, The App will get weather information automatically. If you want more information about the weather, click Refresh button. Then, the app will send it to the iLight to show.

  • Can it show Chinese character in the fans mode?

    It doesn't support Chinese character now.

Control method


Hardware and Software Setup

Required Hardware

  • The list of haraware is shown in the picture following.


  • The iLight bar is a integrated module made by ourselves and the design of the PCB board is shown below.


    • MCU links: Connect the signal transmission pin to the EMSK.
    • USB charging module: Using tp4056 power management chip to charge the lithium battery.
    • Regulator module: Using AS1015, 3.3V switching regulator chip, conversion efficiency, no heat phenomenon.
    • Audiow information acquisition module: Collect audio signals and process them.
    • Motion sensor interface: Use the MPU6050 motion sensor module to obtain the acceleration signal.
  • The physical picture shown below.


Required Software

  • Metaware or ARC GNU Toolset
  • Serial port terminal, such as putty, tera-term or minicom
  • iLight iOS App

Hardware Connection

  1. The EMSK implement iLight SmartDevice, it will publish the iLight connected to the App via bluetooth, including mic, acceleration sensor,We can view all data on the App UI. And the SmartPhone will send instructions to it.
    • Connect BLE HM-10 module to J1(Using UART interface), connect Middle control pin to J1,connect MPU050 and PCF8591 to J3.
  2. Configure your EMSKs with proper core configuration.

User Manual

Before Running This Application

Download source code of iLight SmartDevice from github, and install iLight iOS App in your iOS smartphone.

The hardware resources are allocated as following table.

Hardware Resource Function
iLight bar integrated module
BLE HM-10 module Provide Bluetooth Connection

Run This Application

Modify the settings for connecting to the App, as shown below:

Start your ble and app after the application is running.

Here take EMSK2.2 - ARC EM11D with GNU Toolset for example to show how to run this application.

  1. We need to use embARC 2nd bootloader to automatically load application binary for different EMSK and run. See embARC Secondary Bootloader Example for reference.

  2. Open your serial terminal such as Tera-Term on PC, and configure it to right COM port and 115200bps.

  3. Interact using EMSK and App.


  • Selected FreeRTOS here, then you can use FreeRTOS API in your application:

      # Selected OS
      OS_SEL ?= freertos
  • Target options about EMSK and toolchain:

      BOARD ?= emsk
      BD_VER ?= 22
      CUR_CORE ?= arcem11d
      TOOLCHAIN ?= gnu
  • The relative series of the root directory, here the path of the Makefile is ./embarc_osp/application/ilight_smartdevice/src/makefile:

      # root dir of embARC
      EMBARC_ROOT = ../../../..
  • Directories of source files and header files, notice that it is not recursive:

      # application source dirs
      APPL_CSRC_DIR = . ./function/ble ./function/imu ./function/light ./function/mic ./function/scope \
      					./driver/imu_driver ./driver/light_driver ./driver/rtc_driver ./driver/word_driver
      # application include dirs
      APPL_INC_DIR = . ./function/ble ./function/imu ./function/light ./function/mic ./function/scope \
      				./driver/imu_driver ./driver/light_driver ./driver/rtc_driver ./driver/word_driver

See embARC Example User Guide, "Options to Hard-Code in the Application Makefile" for more detailed information about Makefile Options.


Placing the drivers' source code in driver folder, you can see there are subfolders for light,mpu6050,rtc and word drivers. Placing the C source file and header file in the corresponding subfolder.

folder/file Function
light_driver light(ws2812) driver
mpu6050 mpu6050 driver
rtc rtc(pcf8563t) driver
word models of english alphabet

Function Module

The function folder contains the API implementations of functions.

folder/file Function
imu action recongnition
interrupt get and deal with data from ble
light_mode working modes.
mic get data of voice and ouput
scope output data and build it in visual scope
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