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Audio processing and codecs for ARC processors
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embARC Audio

This repository contains source code of voice and audio codecs, test library and documentation.

Release notes

The following codecs were tuned for using MWDT compiler on processors families ARC EM/HS4xD voice audio:

  • G.711
  • G.722 Appendix IV
  • G.726
  • GSM-FR codec
  • Sony LDAC encoder

Package structure

doc - contains the API documentation of the embARC Audio Codecs library
BT-CVSD - Bluetooth CVSD codec
G.711 - G.711 codec
G.722 - G.722 codec
G.726 - G.726 codec
GSM-FR - GSM-FR codec
LDAC encoder - Sony LDAC encoder
rules - Common parts of makefiles for build and run codecs
Testlib - test library for benchmarking codecs


  1. Installed MetaWare Development Toolkit P-2019.09 or newer
  2. Valid license for MetaWare Development compiler and debugger
  3. HW platform shall support accumulator preshift option (-Xdsp_itu) for codecs based on ITU-T BASOP, with REMAPITU_T=on.

Supported platforms

For codecs where conformance (bit exactness tests) test suite is required to pass following ARCv2 DSP platforms are tested:

  • em5d voice audio;
  • em7d voice audio;
  • em9d voice audio;
  • em11d voice audio;
  • hs45d voice audio;

Getting started

All codecs follow a general approach to build and run a codec application. For more information see in the of a specific codec.

Build and run procedure for default platform:
  1. Open command line in folder of specific codec
  2. gmake cleanall
  3. gmake all
  4. gmake run
Build and run procedure for specific HW platform

EM9D voice audio HW template is used for example.

  1. Open command line in folder of specific codec
  2. gmake cleanall
  3. gmake all TCF=em9d_voice_audio
  4. gmake run TCF=em9d_voice_audio

At the end of successful execution of codec application the output log is expected to contain a string:
FC: no differences encountered

Known Issues


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