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@fanghuaqi fanghuaqi released this Apr 18, 2017 · 582 commits to master since this release

These are the release notes for release 2017.03 of the embARC Open Software Platform.

Tool Support

  • Eclipse IDE for GNU Toolchain for ARC Processors, 2016.09 or later
  • MetaWare Development Toolkit, 2016.12 or later

Important Notice

Starting this embARC OSP release 2017.03, our embARC OSP repository is now public under embarc_osp, and the source code structure has changed to separate applications from the OSP core. Examples such as all the AWS IoT examples are now available under a separate repository called embarc_applications. The release package contains an additional folder called application, and in the ide_projects folder, it contains all the ide projects related to emsk 1.1/2.2/2.3 for both ARC GNU and Metaware IDE.

Developers are encouraged to fork the two repos and contribute any changes back via pull requests.

Features and Enhancements

  • New features:
    • New version of SecureShield runtime library (v2) adding support for ARC EM Processors with Enhanced
      Security Package (ESP) option and ARC SEM Processors
    • C++ runtime support
    • OpenThread support
    • Support for TCF file in build system
    • Linker script generation using template
    • Support for ARC HS on ARC AXS 103 Software Development Platform and ARC nSIM simulator
  • Enhancements:
    • ARC HAL updates
      • Bug fixes in arc cache and exception modules
      • Updated uDMA driver to support updated uDMA engine in ARC EMSK v2.3
      • Updated arc cache and exception support for SecureShield v2
    • Board support updates
      • Added support for new ARC EMSK v2.3
      • Removed support for old version of ARC EMSK v2.0, v2.1 and v2.2. Users of these versions must upgrade to
        v2.3 in order to use this version of embARC OSP
      • Added new nsim support using TCF, BD_VER is 10
      • Added basic board support package for AXS 103(v1.1)
    • Middleware updates:
      • LwIP updated to 2.0
      • AWS IoT C SDK updated to 2.0
      • Added ihex and openthread middleware support
    • Library updates:
      • Updated c library support
      • Added cpp support
      • Updated SecureShield runtime library to version 2
    • OS updates:
      • Updated FreeRTOS to V9.0.0
    • Example updates:
      • Updated existing examples and add new SecureShield related examples
      • Added an AXS103 board test example
      • Added a simple blinky bare metal example
      • Added openthread test example
      • Added a cpp test example
      • Added an IoT demo application
      • Updates AWS smarthome demo to add OLED display support
      • Added a spiflash driver test example using spi with dma enabled (EM uDMA module)
    • Build system updates:
      • Object folders now created following the source code directory structure
      • Linker script is generated automatically using template
      • Simplified build rules for source code files
      • TCF support is now included
  • Documentation updates
  • Bug fixes
  • FOSS notice update

How to Use

  • Please refer to the doc folder in the release zip file and getting started instructions on
  • Documentation is also available online.
  • Quick started guide is available here.

Known Issues

  • Make version >=4.0 is not supported. Please use make version 3.81 or 3.82
  • For Wifi applications, the Digilent pmod Wifi with Microchip part MRF24WG0MA should be used. Pmods built with MRF24WB0MA have been shown to experience problems and are NOT supported.
  • embARC source code should be installed at root of host directory structure. Long directory path may overflow command line buffer in Windows and cause failures.
  • As device hal API has been upgraded, existing applications using the old device hal API need to be updated to the hal API.
  • Use of Secureshield library requires MPU hardware module on EMSK. Please make sure you are using the appropriate hardware configuration of EMSK before using it (EM7D for EMSK v2.3)
  • Please use the recommended tool versions for MetaWare and GNU Toolchains.
  • For ARC GNU 2016.09, an utility called tcftool is required for tcf build support. You can get it from Metaware Lite or GNU 2017.03-RC1 or later, and copy it to ARC GNU's folder such as C:/arc_gnu/bin/.
  • Supported AXS103 firmware version is v1.1.
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