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Implementation of GNU Sientific Library for EV6x Processors


The implemententation is derived from GSL
Version: 2.5
Link to zip archive gsl-2.5.tar.gz
Link to GSL documentation
Current implementation is based on ev_runtime build framework


Common tools

  1. RHEL6.6/CentOS
  2. Metaware EV with nSIM64
  3. gcc v6.2.0
  4. CMake v3.8 or higher
  5. Make v3.82 or higher


gsl-for-synopsys reuses the following components of ev_runtime:

  1. build framework
  2. HW configurations
  3. prebuilt libraries:
    mwlib, evthreads and crt


The project contains libraries with test applications, example applications and configuration code
The configuration code structure is similar to ev_runtime

1. Libraries

The project includes a set of libraries. Each library has:

  1. separate folder
    Ex: blas, block and so on

  2. C library code and C test application code

  3. build scripts
    cmake/<library_name>.cmake - CMake library package

  4. test part [optional] C test code is usually placed in test.c file
    build scripts are placed in test sub-folder like
    cblas/test/(Makefile and CMakeLists.txt)

Note: test application is not a library so it has no *.cmake

2. Examples

The project includes a set of examples.

  1. Descriptions of all examples are located in one folder doc
  2. C code of all examples are located in sub-folder - doc/examples
  3. Reference outputs of all examples are located in sub-folder - doc/examples
  4. Each example has a sub-folder for build scripts like:
    doc/examples/blas/(Makefile and CMakeLists.txt)

3. Configuration code

  1. config folder
    The folder contains general Make/CMake scripts for libraries, library tests and examples
  2. install folder
    It's generated during compilation. It is used for same purpose as ev_runtime install folder:
    keeps C headers, built libraries and CMake packages
  3. include folder
    Extra CMake package. It is used to ensure consistency with ev_runtime code/build structure.
    During compilation it collects all common C headers and places them into install/include folder
  4. top Makefile file
    The file contains of all pre-requisites targets and general targets: install/all/build/clean for libraries, library tests and examples
    The script initializes and checks the environment


source -check
    This file.
  2. GSL original build system scripts Original GSL build system is based on Autoconf. There are a lot of configuration files with extensions *.in, *.am. They are not used in this package and are left in the repo for information purpose
    There are also several original BASH scripts which are not used.

4. Design specific

  1. Environment variable EV_GSL_HOME should be set and point to top gsl-for-synopsys folder
  2. C define SYNOPSYS_ARC_HSEV is used in patched code places
  3. Inlining is activated. See HAVE_INLINE in config/cmake/Modules/gsl.cmake
  4. GSL float implementations
    Different platforms could support float different ways. Function gsl_ieee_set_mode() is used for setup float.
    Dummy function for ARC is placed here:

Download, build and run

It is assumed that the developer already has pre-built ev_runtime with required HW configurations.


   cd <your_dir>  
   git clone


   cd gsl-for-synopsys  
   source ./  [-check]


# Build and run system is same as in ev_runtime
# Developers can use Makefile install target to build all libraries, tests and examples
# parallel compilation is supported by -jN Makefile option,
# where N is number of CPUs
# Ex: build Linux native with Release on 8 cores
make install -j8 EVSS_CFG=ev_native EVSS_DBG=0
# Ex: build ARC with Debug
make install -j8 EVSS_CFG=EV61_full_cnn880_demo_haps80_2.12a EVSS_DBG=1


Example. run cblas library test

   cd gsl-for-synopsys/cblas/test  
   # you should see a folder like **build_ev_native_release**     
   # run tests on Linux   
   make run EVSS_CFG=ev_native EVSS_DBG=0  
   # run tests on ARC nSIM    
   make run EVSS_CFG=EV61_full_cnn880_demo_haps80_2.12a EVSS_DBG=1  
   # run on HAPS  
   make haps-load haps-reset run EVSS_CFG=EV61_full_cnn880_demo_haps80_2.12a EVSS_DBG=1 HAPS=1  

Example. Run blas example

   cd gsl-for-synopsys/doc/examples/blas  
   make run EVSS_CFG=ev_native EVSS_DBG=0  

and same steps as described in cblas library test example above.