LMBench for ARC Linux

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LMBench is standard OS benchmarking suite written by Larry McVoy and Carl Staelin. It measures the performance of basic system primitives such as fork/execve/mmap/page-fault/context-switch etc.

This ARC port is based off of the latest version on sourceforge (3.0-a9) with slight tweaks.

  1. The only change to source (src/memsize.c) is for increasing a timer thresh-hold which otherwise makes test harness "memsize" timeout early on our crawling 80MHz FPGA platform.
  2. All the other tweaks are cosmetic:
  • scripts/config-run-arc: "prompt-less" version of config-run, with default answers set for everything.
  • scripts/results: appending contextual information to raw report generated viz. kernel {.config,dmesg}, Busybox linkage (static/dynamic)

Instructions for running it on ARC Linux

Host (Pre-run)

make OS=arc-linux-uclibc CC=arc-linux-uclibc-gcc

Target Assuming the above tree is accessible on target (copy to target disk / NFS)

cd lmb-3.0.a9/src
export OS=arc-linux-uclibc
mv ../scripts/results/ARCLinux.0 /nfs-mnt
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