OpenCV for use with Synopsys DesignWare EV6x Processors
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2.4.9 Synopsys patch to support EV processors Dec 26, 2018 update Jan 11, 2019

OpenCV/2.4.9 for Synopsys

This is a patched version of OpenCV/2.4.9 compatible with EV6x Family of Processors

  • Download OpenCV from GitHub location
  • Set OCV_HOME variable to point to that repository

on Linux bash:

       $ export OCV_HOME=<path_to_opencv/opencv-for-synopsys>        
       $ ls $OCV_HOME 

on Windows:

        $ set OCV_HOME=<path_to_opencv/opencv-for-synopsys>        
        $ dir %OCV_HOME% 

You should see:

        $ 2.4.9
  • Compile OpenCV from MetaWare EV project ( EV Runtime part)