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	TOPPERS/ASP Kernel (Release 1.7.0)
		Toyohashi Open Platform for Embedded Real-Time Systems/
		Advanced Standard Profile Kernel

The TOPPERS/ASP kernel (hereinafter ASP kernel), as the foundation for the new 
generation of TOPPERS real-time kernels, a real-time kernel developed by 
TOPPERS Project. It is extended and improved based on TOPPERS/JSP, a real-time
 kernel based on the standard profile of uITRON4.0.

[files to read]

doc/user.txt is the user manual of ASP kernel. To use ASP kernel, please read 
this document at first.

[file review]

To read the documents (plain text) and source code of ASP, please set TAP = 4 

[use conditions]

To use ASP kernel, TOPPERS license must be followed. FAQ about TOPPERS License 
is in the following link.

[question, bug report, comments]

The comments to make ASP kernel better are welcome. About the question, bug 
report, comments etc., for TOPPERS member, please send to TOPPERS developer 
mailing list (, or to the bug tracing system (Trac), for 
others, please send to the TOPPERS user mailing list (

How to subscribe the TOPPERS user mailing list, please refer the following 

[about porting]

You are welcome to contact us to port ASP kernel to new target. The 
pre-condition is the new porting will be open sourced by TOPPERS Project.

[future plan]

The possible important changes of ASP kernel after Release 1.8 is as follow.
* Import TOPPERS Embedded Component System (TECS). At present, there is a 
ASP kernel in TECS release package, but in the future it is possible to import 
TECS into ASP release package.


toppers/asp kernel port on ARC



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