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Ant / Ivy


Apache Ant / Ivy support in FOSSA CLI depends on the following tools existing in your environment:

  • Java (defaults to java, configure with $JAVA_BINARY)
  • Any (defaults to ant, configure with $ANT_BINARY)



First, run fossa init to automatically generate a .fossa.yml file a pre-configured ant module:

    - name: {module}
      path: {path-to-build.xml}
      type: ant

Next, you will have to configure your library directory using the options.libdir property.

libdir refers to the directory where you store all the JAR libraries used in a production build. Since these directories are difficult to automatically infer without running a build, you will often have to specify them yourself in configuration:

  - name: ant-example
    path: build.xml
    type: ant
      libdir: ./project/jars

If unspecified, the libdir will default to lib/.

If you have a complex Ant build that stores libraries in multiple locations, you can either specify multiple modules or upload raw dependency signatures directly to FOSSA.