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Maven support in FOSSA CLI depends on the following tools existing in your environment:

  • Java (defaults to java, configure with $JAVA_BINARY)
  • Maven (defaults to mvn, configure with $MAVEN_BINARY, or the bin option)
  • The Maven Dependency Plugin (supported by the official Maven team; auto-installed by Maven if missing)


Automatic: Run fossa init to detect all directories with a pom.xml file. The CLI will follow references to other Maven modules (or projects) listed under <modules> in the POM manifest. A FOSSA CLI module will be created for each Maven project.

Manual: Add a mvn module with either

  1. path set to "." and target to either the relative path to the Maven project's POM file or to the Maven project's directory which has a "pom.xml" file; or
  2. path set to the directory of the Maven project's directory and target to the ID of the project.
    - name: My mvn Project
      type: mvn
      path: .
      target: pom.xml
        cmd: "mvn dependency:tree"


Option Type Name Common Use Case
bin string Binary Path to the Maven executable.
strategy string Command The dependency analysis strategy.
cmd string Command Custom command that outputs a Maven dependency tree.

bin: <string>

Specify the executable for the CLI to use to run commands. By default, the CLI will first check if the environment variable $MAVEN_BINARY is set and use it if is, and otherwise it will use the mvn binary that is found.

strategy: <string>

Specify the strategy for dependency resolution. Setting to "pom-file" tells the CLI to only look at the POM file for the module. Setting to "maven-tree" tells the CLI to only run Maven to get a dependency tree. By default, the CLI will use "maven-tree", and if an error occurs or no dependencies are found then the CLI falls back to the "pom-file" strategy.

cmd: <string>

If strategy is not set, then cmd can specify the command for the CLI to use to retrieve the dependency tree from Maven in the format that running the dependency:tree goal outputs.


Fossa analyzes a Maven project by parsing the output from mvn dependency:tree into a dependency graph.