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Node.js support in FOSSA CLI depends on the following tools existing in your environment:

  • Node.js (defaults to node, configure with $FOSSA_NODE_CMD)
  • NPM (defaults to npm, configure with $NPM_BINARY)


Automatic: Run fossa init to detect all package.json files in the file tree not located inside of a node_modules folder.

Manual: Add a nodejs module with path and target set to the directory where the package.json file is located in your project.

    - name: your-nodejs-project
      type: nodejs
      path: .
      target: .


Option Type Name Common Use Case
strategy string Strategy Specify a nodejs analysis strategy.

strategy: <string>

Manually specify the nodejs analysis strategy to be used. Supported options are as follows and the individual behavior is listed in the Analysis section further down:

  • npm-list
  • npm-lockfile
  • package.json
  • yarn.lock
  • yarn-list


Analysis for nodejs projects is executed a number of ways starting with the most accurate method and falling back to the least likely method to succeed as ordered:

  1. Parse output from npm ls --json --production - Runs if npm exists on the system and provides an accurate list of all dependencies needed to build the production project.
  2. Parse package.json - Runs if package.json can be successfully parsed into a dependency graph.
  3. Run yarn list --json - This command verifies through yarn what the actual dependencies which are installed on the system are. This strategy runs with NODE_ENV=production by default to find production dependencies.
  4. Parse yarn.lock - Detects dependencies based on the yarn lockfile.
  5. Parse npm-shrinkwrap.json - Detects dependencies based on the lockfile.
  6. Parse package-lock.json - Detects dependencies based on the lockfile.

Known limitations

  • We assume that your Node packages are installed at node_modules. Currently we do not offer a way to read this directory to determine what packages are installed.