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NuGet (.NET)


NuGet support in FOSSA CLI depends on the following tools existing in your environment:

  • .NET Core CLI (defaults to dotnet, configure with $DOTNET_BINARY)
  • NuGet (defaults to nuget, configure with $NUGET_BINARY)


Add a nuget module with the path to the folder of project.json or packages.config in your project.

    - name: MyCompany.SomeProject.Module
      path: src/MyCompany.SomeProject.Module
      type: nuget



Running fossa build will attempt to run dotnet restore on your project environment, which will automatically install the correct packages in your environment.

If this fails, fossa will then attempt to resolve your local Packages directory (defaulting to {module.path}/packages), and fall back to nuget restore -PackagesDirectory {PACKAGE_DIR}.


fossa analyze will first attempt to resolve any existing NuGet lockfile created by your build (at {module.path}/project.lock.json or {module.path}/obj/project.assets.json). It will parse these files for dependencies that were installed under the libraries key. If fossa failed to resolve a lockfile (one was not created during the build or found), fossa will fall back to analyzing your packages directory.

Known limitations

  • doesn't support conditional direct dependencies (e.g. conditioned on target framework) -- will get all references regardless of target framework

  • only supports top-level itemgroup/packagereferences (not e.g. those under choose element)

  • Currently, fossa supports NuGet lockfiles of v2 and v3 schemas

  • fossa assumes your package directory is located at {module.path}/packages. If you use a global package folder or another path, we reccomend you generate a lockfile for your build.

  • Due to the assumptions about package installation locations, verifying whether a module is built is unreliable sans-lockfile. If you receive an inaccurate error that your build is unsatisfied, run fossa with the --allow-unresolved flag.