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SBT support in FOSSA CLI depends on the following tools existing in your environment:

  • Java (defaults to java, configure with $JAVA_BINARY)
  • SBT (defaults to sbt, configure with $SBT_BINARY)

In addition, SBT requires the following plugin to be installed:

  • net.virtual-void.sbt-dependency-graph: install by adding addSbtPlugin("net.virtual-void" % "sbt-dependency-graph" % "0.9.0") to your SBT configuration


Automatic: Run fossa init to detect all directories with a build.sbt file at their root. fossa runs sbt projects at these directories roots and creates a module for each sbt project with configuration set to compile by default.

Manual: Add an sbt module with the path to the directory where a build.sbt file is located in your project. Set target to <project>:<configuration> where project is the desired sbt project and configuration is the configuration analysis is desired for.

    - name: your-sbt-project
      type: sbt
      path: .
      target: <project>:<configuration>


Analysis parses the output of sbt -no-colors <project>/<configuration>:dependencyList to retrieve a full list of dependencies utilized by your project.

Known Limitations

  • Currently fossa can only analyze a project if the user has net.virtual-void.sbt-dependency-graph installed.
  • To use SBT 1.3.x you will need to add ThisBuild / useCoursier := false to your build.sbt, because coursier was made the default and does not pull license info.
  • You cannot use SBT 1.4.x presently as the net.virtual-void.sbt-dependency-graph plugin has been insourced.
  • For initialisation to work robustly you may need to disable any configuration which writes output onLoad