Lightning Talks

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Please add your lightning talk for the FOSSASIA Summit 2017 here.


Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any conference participant may give!


Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, software, hardware, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to join you! Whatever you bring, make it quick!


Lightning talk sessions are taking place on Saturday/Day 2 (general lightning talks) and Sunday/Day 3 (talks about Blockchain) of the event.

The lightning talks on Saturday have a slot of 5 minutes including setup. The blockchain talks have 10 minutes including setup on Sunday.

On Saturday sessions start at 12:40 pm. On Sunday sessions start at 2:30pm.


Lightning talk registration is open! Just enter your information on this Wiki page (in the table below). There is no registration deadline. We assign timeslots on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you plan on giving your talk on a specific day, submit it here as soon as possible.

To submit your own Lightning Talk, there are several steps necessary:

  1. Sign up as a user of this wiki ("Create account" link on the top right of the page)
  2. Fill in details here that describes your Lightning Talk
  3. Upload your slides somewhere and place a link to the slides into the lightning talks table
  4. One week before the event: Ensure the details are correct and the pdf is working

Some more rules:

  • Only one lightning talk per person/project/group per day
  • PDF slides only
  • Final time slot assignment only if we have slides. Preliminary slides are okay, you can update your slides until 10:00 am on the day before the talk.


Lightning Talks - Saturday Day 2 (Mixed Track/Different Topics)

Time Title Speaker Description Tags Links Slides
12:40 hillhacks 2017 Philip Paeps Hacking and making in the Himalayas Untagged session hillhacks 2017 Session slides
12:45 Developing RV32G Processor model Pavani Tripathi GSoC'16 Project OpenSource, Computer Architecture Session Links Session Slides
12:50 FreedomBox Nikhil Rayaprolu Privacy Issues in the internet OpenSource , Privacy Session Links Session Slides
12:55 Requirements Bazaar István Koren Connecting End Users with Developers Innovation, End Users Session Slides
1:00 Code Injection in android Mohammad Umair How the behaviour of an existing apk can be modified android, hacking, reverse engineering Session Links Session Slides
1:05 The Plots2 CMS and Open Source Outreach Ananya Maiti About the CMS and Ways to make Open Source Outreach Open Source, Ruby on Rails, web,CMS, Software outreach Session Links Session Slides
1:10 WorldBrain - Verifying the Internet with Science Raj Kumar Maurya We develop a search engine for your personal knowledege. (Full-Text Search in History/Bookmarks, Evernote, Mendeley, Local Storage etc.) Open Source, research,Data Session Links Session Slides
1:15 Best practices in Backend Development Jayanth Chandra Outlines the best development practices for Backend Developement Startups Session Links Session Slides
1:20 Introducing Gnowbe Rouba Kouwatli Technology That Augments Learning Experiences Startup Session Links
1:25 GNU Taler sva Taler is an electronic payment system that's like cash: Taxable for merchants; anonymous for users. It uses electronic coins in existing currencies (e.g. SGD, INR or bitcoins). currency, crypto, open source, free software, GNU Slides at fossasia-dropbox
1:30 DigiKam Swati Lodha GSoC'16 project Open Source Session Links Session Slides
1:35 FOSS For Society Surit Babu Aryal FOSS for everyone FOSS Session Links Session Slides
1:40 Ubuntu Mirroring Daniel J Blueman Many countries don't have Ubuntu mirrors, and we can help! Linux, Ubuntu, FOSS
1:45 Title Speaker Description Tags Links Slides
1:50 Brave Browser & Communities Akshay Tiwari Introduction to Brave Browser and its mission to make the web experience better! Open Source,Brave Browser, MicroPayments Slides
1:55 Introducing Gdeploy Devyani Kota Introduction to an Ansible based tool:gdeploy and its purpose to make distributed storage filesystems better! Open Source, Distributed Storage Filesystems Session Links Session Slides
2:00 The Iota of IoT Prabhanshu Attri Introduction to Internet of things, raspberry pi and beacons IoT, Raspberry Pi, Beacon, PyBeacon PyBeacon Session Slides
2:05 CodeHeat experience Mayank Tripathi Susi AI and android app Susi Android, Fossasia, Codeheat, Open Source Session Links Session Slides
2:10 My journey with Open Event Project and CodeHeat Shubham Padia My Experience in CodeHeat Contest and as a developer with Fossasia Open Event, Fossasia, Codeheat, Open Source Session Links Session slides
2:15 Health Monitoring System Yana Agun Siswanto Realtime Health Monitoring System With IOT And The Clouds IOT, SAAS, Healthcare Session Links Session slides

Lightning Talks - Sunday Day 3 (Blockchain and Co.)

Time Title Speaker Description Tags Links Slides
2:30 Attores - documents and certificates on the blockchain using Smart Contracts technology Gaurang Torvekar Blockchain, Validation Session Links Session Slides
2:40 COMIT - super blockchain network that allows for instant transactions which are enforced using off-chain smart contracts Toby Hoenisch Blockchain Transactions Session Links Session Slides
2:50 How every Enterprise can have its own Blockchain Lab Floyd DCosta Blockchain, Enterprise Session Links Session Slides