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Lightning Talks

Raghav Jajodia edited this page Mar 25, 2018 · 35 revisions

Please add your lightning talk for the FOSSASIA Summit 2018 here.


Lightning Talks are short lectures (almost) any conference participant may give!


Bring your infectious enthusiasm to an audience with a short attention span! Discuss a program, software, hardware, system or technique! Pitch your projects and ideas or try to rally a crew of people to join you! Whatever you bring, make it quick!


Lightning talk sessions are taking place on Saturday/Day 3 and Sunday/Day 4 of the event.

Please have a look at the session schedule of the lightning talk slots. The lightning talks have a slot of either 5 or 10 minutes including setup.


Lightning talk registration is open! Just enter your information on this Wiki page (in the table below). There is no registration deadline. We assign timeslots on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you plan on giving your talk on a specific day, submit it here as soon as possible. However there is a review to ensure the lightning talks rules (see below) are kept.

To submit your own Lightning Talk, there are several steps necessary:

  1. Sign up as a user of this wiki ("Create account" link on the top right of the page)
  2. Fill in details here that describes your Lightning Talk
  3. Upload your slides somewhere and place a link to the slides into the lightning talks table
  4. One week before the event: Ensure the details are correct and the pdf is working

Some more rules:

  • Technical talks are preferred (no sales pitches)
  • Only one lightning talk per person/project/group per day
  • PDF slides only
  • Final time slot assignment only if we have slides. Preliminary slides are okay, you can update your slides until 10:00 am on the day before the talk.


The exact lightning talks session slot will be decided asap.

Lightning Talks - Sunday, Day 4, March 25, 2018

Time Title Speaker Description Tags Links Slides
12:45 Cloud and Your FOSS Customize Own Distro Ko Ko Ye Cloud - OpenStack, Juju Charms and Desktop Own OS Customization and Differences linux, distro Links Slides
12:55 Grafana: The beauty of metric visualization Fatima Rafiqui Grafana is an open source server platform for metric visualization which enables to query, analyse, alert on and understand metrics no matter where the data is stored. It opens new possibilities of metric analysis and fosters a data driven culture. Grafana, Data Visualization, Graphs, Heatmaps, InfluxDB Grafana Slides
13.00 Turning software into computer chips - Hastlayer Zoltán Lehóczky Hastlayer turns performance-critical sections of .NET programs into computer chips. You can still update your software, but it will be a whole lot faster and more power efficient. FPGA, .NET, performance Website demo only
13:05 The posit number type and our implementations in C# and on FPGA Álmos Szabó Posit is a new number format proposed by Dr. John Gustafson to overcome the weaknesses of the IEEE 754 floating point standard. We have made an open source implementation in C# and automatically created an FPGA implementation using Hastlayer. posit, unum, .NET, FPGA Website Slides
13:05 Orchard CMS Benedek Farkas Free and open-source CMS based on ASP.NET that shines in the hands of experienced developers with its flexibility and extensibility. .NET, CMS, web development demo only
13:10 Debian Open Source programs, GSoC and Free RTC Jaminy Prabaharan Getting started with open source with Debian GSoc, Debian Slides
13:15 My Codeheat 2017 Story Manish Devgan How I became the Grand Prize Winner of FOSSASIA Codeheat 2017 Talk Lightning-Talk gabru-md Slides
13:20 My Codeheat 2017 Story Raghav Jajodia How I became the Grand Prize Winner of FOSSASIA Codeheat 2017 Talk Lightning-Talk jajodiaraghav Slides
13:25 My Codeheat 2017 Story Parth Shandilya How I became the Grand Prize Winner of FOSSASIA Codeheat 2017 Talk Lightning-Talk ParthS007 Slides

13:35 End of lightning Talks

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