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1- Please fork the fossasia-communities from this the URL:

2- In your fork, add your .JSON file in a country folder, depending on where the community you added exists, then create Pull Request

3- Finally, add the raw link to directory.json but remember to replace your username with fossasia.




4-When you add the link add it alphabatically according to the country folders

(note: In case the community's country does not have a country folder, please create one)

And Thank you for your contribution!

If you have any problem, feel free to drop a question in our gitter chatroom.


The API directory knows about the location of the FOSSASIA API files. Communities are simple key-value-pairs of a community name and the URL.


Our goal is to collect information about Open Source Communities and Hackspaces all over Asia. This information will be used to aggregate contact data, locations, news feeds and events.

The FOSSASIA API is based on the Freifunk API and the Hackerspaces API ( Each community provides its data in a well defined format, hosted on their places (web space, wiki, web servers) and contributes a link to the directory. This directory only consists of the name and an url per community. First services supported by our freifunk API are the global community map and a community feed aggregator.

The FOSSASIA API is designed to collect metadata of communities in a decentral way and make it available to other users.



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