This Chrome extension helps in automatically putting together Scrums based on your Github contributions
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SCRUM Helper

This chrome extension helps you to write scrums in google groups for FOSSASIA related projects. You need to add your github username, dates, and other options. It fetches your PRs, Issues, and the PRs you reviewed from Github API, and prefills the SCRUM. You can edit the scrum further to meet your needs.

How to install

1. Clone this repository.
2. Goto `chrome://extensions` on your chrome browser.
3. Turn on developer mode if not already on.
4. Load unpacked extension from `src` folder.
5. Click on the Scrum Helper icon you see on your browser toolbar.
6. Fill in the settings in the popup.
7. Open!newtopic/<groupname>.
8. Refresh the page for new settings to reflect.

Setting up the code locally

$ git clone
$ cd scrum_helper_extension
$ npm install




About contributing

  • Follow the Issues and PRs templates as far as possible.
  • If you want to make a PR, please mention in the corresponding issue that you are working on it.
  • Please run npm run test locally to check for syntax errors before making a PR.