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SUSI.AI Web Client
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SUSI.AI Web Application

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SUSI.AI is an artificial intelligence system, combining pattern matching, internet data, data flow, and inference engine principles. Through some abilities to reflect, it can remember the user input to produce deductions and personalized feedback. Its purpose is to explore the abilities of an artificial companion and to answer the remaining unanswered questions. The SUSI.AI web is a front-end developed for web access of SUSI.


Please join our mailing list to discuss questions regarding the project:

Our chat channel is to be found on Gitter:

Technology Stack


  • CSS: Styling web pages, html files
  • Javascript: Primary programing language
  • ReactJS: Javascript library for building User Interfaces
  • Redux: Managing global state
  • Material-UI: UI library for design system
  • styled-components: CSS-in-JS library


SUSI.AI is written in JavaScript with React. To get started with the code, follow this doc:


  • node --version >= 6
  • yarn --version >= 3

How to deploy?

Click Here to read how to deploy


Add translations in new language for SUSI.AI Web


This repository is under a GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 2.1.

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