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Chrome extension to access SUSI.AI

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This is a chrome extension to access SUSI.AI.

In certain situations the user wants to access certain functionalities of SUSI.AI without leaving the tab they are currently browsing. In those situations, using a chrome extension could turn out to be a viable option, and that is exactly what we're trying to accomplish.


$ git clone
$ cd susi_chromebot
$ cd src
  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Goto chrome://extensions on your chrome browser.
  3. Turn on developer mode if not already on.
  4. Load unpacked extension from src folder.
  5. Click on the SUSI icon you see on your browser toolbar (or) Use the keybkeyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+s to open.
  6. Right click on the manifest icon (SUSI.AI icon on chrome), then click on Options. Allow mic-access from there.

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