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SUSI.AI Bot for Line
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Getting Started With Line SUSI AI Bot:

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If you want to add SUSI Line bot as a friend Scan this QR Code and if you want to integrate follow steps given below

To integrate SUSI's API with Line bot and you will need to have a line account first so that you can follow below procedure. You can download it from LINE APP.


  • Line app
  • Github
  • Heroku


  1. Login/Sign up
  2. Create a LINE@ account with enabled Messaging API on Line Business Center
  3. Configure your bot
  4. Develop your bot
  5. Deploy your bot

1- Login/Sign up:

If you have Line account then move to next step else sign up for an account and make one.

2- Create a LINE@ account with enabled Messaging API:

  • In the Line Business Center, select Messaging API under the Service category at the top of the page.
  • Select either Start using Messaging API.
  • Enter the required information for your new LINE@ account. Confirm the information.
  • Click the LINE@ MANAGER button at the bottom of the confirmation page.
  • Go to the settings and then Bot Settings page of the LINE@ Manager then click Enable API.


3- Configure your bot:

  • In the LINE@ Manager, go to the Bot Settings, which can be found under "Settings" on the side menu.
  • To reply to messages using webhooks, select Allow for "Use webhooks" under "Request Settings"
  • To participate in group chats, select Allow for the "Allow bots to join group chats" option.
  • To send a customized response message to user messages, select Allow for the "Auto Reply Message" option.
  • To send a customized greeting message when users add your account as a friend, select Allow for the "Greeting Message" option


Go to Accounts option at top of page and open LINE Developers from there

  • To issue a Channel access token for accessing APIs, click ISSUE for the "Channel access token" item.
  • Click EDIT and set a webhook URL for your Channel.

CHANNEL_CONSOLE After following these steps your account is ready and you are good to go to develop your bot.

4- Develop your bot:

You can develop your own bot or you can fork this repository and deploy it to heroku.

5- Deploy your bot:

To deploy your bot to heroku you need an account on Heroku and after making an account make an app


  • Deploy app using github deployment method.


  • Select Automatic deploys.


After making app copy this link and paste it in webhook url in Line channel console page from where we got channel access token.




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