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A storage place for susi skills
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This is the storage place for susi skills. It is for now a temporary solution for a wiki-like skill editing service that we want to create in the near future.


This repository must be cloned along to make it available to susi. The production platform of will do a git pull origin master every minute. That means, every change will be available very soon.

Create a new skill

Creation of a new skill is easy, DO NOT PANIC!

Learn the skill language

Read and test your skill using a susi dream! Then, if your susi dream works, add the skill to this repository, read next topic...

Add intents to a skill or create a new skill

The place to store your intents is a skill. A skill is simply a plain text file with '.txt' extension, placed within a language folder within a topic. So to add a new skill, you first have to choose a topic. You can choose from:

  • Business and Finance
  • Communication
  • Connected Car
  • Food and Drink
  • Games, Trivia and Accessories
  • Health and Fitness
  • Knowledge
  • Lifestyle
  • Movies and TV Shows
  • Music and Audio
  • News
  • Novelty and Humour
  • Problem Solving
  • Productivity
  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Sports
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Weather

You can find these topics in

Your skill must be placed in a language-dependent subdirectory. Place your intents along one existing skill, or create a new one.

If there is an expert which you want to extend, modify that expert file. If there is not already an expert file, create a new one. Choose a nice name which describes your expert, use lowercase letters only and give the expert file the file name extension ".txt".

Do NOT create a new model in the models subfolder and do NOT create a new topic in the models/general subfolder. If you want a new topic, create an issue and describe your topic and it's purpose.


All new skills shall be licensed under CC0 We choosed this data because many skills may be similar to knowledge as published by which licenses it's data under CC0 as well. If you take skill data from non-cc0 sources, you may do so but please also copy the license information.

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