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Browse your cover-art albums in Rhythmbox v2.96 - 3.0+
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coverart-browser - v2.1 (Penfold)

Browse your coverart albums in Rhythmbox v3 and later.



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Summary: whats new in this release

  • Allow switching between coverart-browser and the coverart-playlist sources via picture buttons on each source
  • tighter integration with Rhythmbox - addition of select and play using Rhythmbox's own toolbar play button
  • Support the alternative-toolbar capability to hide/show the coverart-toolbar
  • Support for GTK 3.14
  • Support for the upcoming release of Rhythmbox (3.2?)
  • Single click icon display position changes consistently depending upon the cover-tile style (shadow/no shadow etc.)
  • view/zoom/save the chosen cover - hover over the coverart on the track pane to reveal
  • coverart information in tile-view can be now left/centre & right aligned
  • Double click track & cover pane handle to open full height or to close
  • Play Next (album)- add the selected album(s) to be the next album after the current playing album
  • Play Next (track)- add the selected track(s) to be the next track after the current playing track
  • Track Artist and Artist Information Panes can be opened and closed via double-click of the pane-handle
  • Bottom Track & Cover Pane has more space - the expander & label has been removed
  • Tidied display - visible pane handles disappear after the plugin has been run 5 times
  • Add ability to resize Icon-view with CTRL+mouse wheel scroll
  • Translated into 25 languages and locales
  • for developers - doxygen documentation:

How it works:

How to install - Rhythmbox 3.0 and later:

N.B. for earlier Rhythmbox versions use version 1.x

Prerequisite is to use a distribution supporting GTK 3.10 or later - for example, Ubuntu 14.04, Arch or Fedora 20

for Debian & Debian-based distros such as Ubuntu & Mint:

sudo apt-get install git gettext python3-mako python3-lxml python3-gi-cairo python3-cairo gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly gstreamer1.0-plugins-good gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad rhythmbox-plugins

for Fedora and similar:

sudo yum install git gettext python3-mako python3-lxml python3-cairo

NOTE: it is assumed that you have separately installed the patent encumbered codecs found in the good/bad & ugly packages To install the plugin:

rm -rf ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins/coverart_browser
git clone
cd coverart-browser

To uninstall the plugin:

cd coverart-browser
./ --uninstall

Note 1 - the CoverArt Browser plugin also requires installing the following plugin:

For Ubuntu 14.04 and later:

V2.0 is now available in my rhythmbox PPA - installation instructions in this AskUbuntu Q&A:

Note - installing the package rhythmbox-plugin-coverart-browser will also install rhythmbox-plugin-coverart-search

Please help out with translating

We need you to help us translate the english text to your native language.

Don't worry - it is easier that you think. Just visit:

Remember to set your preferred language and then just submit your translation.


  • thanks to Luqman Aden for the coverart-search plugin which our cover-search pane is based upon
  • thanks to Canonical for the Star widget which the ratings capabilities use
  • our Translators: Launchpad Translation team - individual credits for each locale is shown in the plugin preferences dialog
  • Button Icons - jrbastien for the five toolbar icon-sets
  • Flow view is based upon Contentflow


    This plugin code is released under the GPL3+ license.

    Contentflow source is released under the MIT license

    All translations are released under the BSD license

    Genre icon-set:

    Creative Commons License
    Music Genre Icons by Meghn Lofing is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Contrast of the iconset has been altered as agreed by the author. Thanks Meghn!

GTK3 port of

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